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As someone who has been threatened by homelessness many times? Killing people is worse.

Also, 1. sidestepping a hypothetical question is ridiculous, and 2. many people who die from COVID are disabled, and many people who survive it end up disabled from the virus. Saying that unemployment is worse than killing disabled people is really ableist.


I wonder if anyone remembers this?

And given that the story has been deleted, could you all please create a separate topic for it?

Pretty please…?


Also, for someone who wants people to “let it go let it go”, she sure loves jumping in to keep it active.


So, fun story. Back at the beginning of June, my partner brought home covid from work. He works in the food service industry. He makes barely above minimum wage. After five days, he was feeling better, but still testing positive which means he was likely still contagious. His boss insisted he go in. He refused. Why? Because he’d rather lose his job than kill people.

It’s not like we’re in a stable position financially right now either. Seven weeks later and I’m still too sick for job hunting or even temp work, likely because some heartless moron decided that either quarantine didn’t apply to them or they “had” to obey their boss.

You are so very wrong that I don’t think the words exist to convey just how wrong you are.


Killing people is worse. Obviously.



in case someone has a story they want to post but doesn’t want it to go missing in this debate, I’ve created a thread for you all.


This might be an unfair nomination, as it could be the OP is frustrated that their sister is still with her controlling husband. But as this story is in isolation, it very much comes across that the OP is chiding someone for following the instructions of someone who appears to be a very controlling and possibly abusive person.


OPs actions are not ‘checking out’ well with the commentors here.


Not much love for this story

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To be clear, no one is having a go at the OP in this story. But very few people are focusing on the cuteness of the incident, but instead looking at the implications of what was happening:

Lots of uncontrolled over excited dogs leaping up at the driver (OP);
Lots of uncontrolled dogs around a moving car;
Lots of uncontrolled dogs in the presence of huge bags of dog food.

So that’s allergies, overeating and potential car accidents that the owners don’t appear to care about.


I have to admit that my first thought on reading the story was, ‘Well, that food is going to be gone in 5 minutes.’ As you say, its a bit of an exception to the normal type of stories that gets posted to this thread since nobody is suggesting that OP is at fault but their expectation seemed to be that people would think it was cute when instead people are worried about the welfare of the animals.


I think people might be a little fed up with this OP’s father-in-law. The story itself isn’t so bad, but the fact that it’s this person again seems to be a dealbreaker for most commenters.


I think someone in the comments summarised the general feeling neatly by saying something along the lines of had the series of stories not started with accounts of malicious compliance and spite which could actually have seriously hurt or killed innocent people then the response to seemingly harmless stories like this one would probably be very different.


That was my general thought when I started reading that story. More specifically, it was, “Oh good grief! What’s this moron FIL going to do this time that will possibly maim or kill someone?”


The comments on this one seem to be about half that and half pointing out that the stories are probably fabricated due to the changing details between them.


As I stated in a comment to I don’t even remember which of these, I’m not even sure this FiL actually exists or, if he does, he actually tells all these stories; I get the feeling OP just makes them up and spins them around a nonexistent Fater-in-Law. Or they take some stories their FiL told them and exaggerate them.
As far as I’m aware, OP never even once appeared in the comments section to defend their stories, have they?


Rule 1: Never defend yourself on the internet. Nothing good can come of it.


Well, if they don’t want to defend themselves, then, seeing that their stories are kind of guaranteed to be met with a negative response, maybe they should get a hint and stop posting these stories.
And if, by some miracle, these stories HAVE actually happened as reported, OP could just make one comment saying so. Not sure if that would amount to anything, but as it is, the general and undisputed consensus is that, at best, these are grossly exaggerated stories about a maybe existing figure OP sees as a hero.

(And if there’s still something to discuss on this, maybe we could have a “Those Father-in-Law stories…” thread, so as to not derail this one?)


This thread was created to discuss him, but as with so many threads it did start discussing other stories.

It’s still unlocked so it could be used, or a fresh thread could be created?

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Which thread? Your link goes to a NaR story.

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