Super Over-The-Top job titles:

One of my first jobs post-school was a shelf-stacker for travel magazines at a travel agency (showing my age here - this was before people booked vacations online!)

The store didn’t call me a shelf-stacker though. Nooooo - I was a “Brochure Co-ordinator.”

Am I the only one that got a super OTT job title for a really mundane job?

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I’m a Design Major who draws a lot in my freetime.
The number of times I’ve seen
“Sandwich Artist” and “Hair Designer”(Slightly more reasonable but still annoying) come up on my Indeed searches…

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Hair designer is better than this!



I’m not sure I want to know what a Hai is…


Duh, it’s German for shark, of course. That’s a very brave woman…


My daughter used to work in a kitchen doing dishes. She gave herself the title of Underwater Ceramics Expert :smile:


It wasn’t the worst example by far, but I did think “Bakery Associate” was a little overstated/not quite correct for my cashier job when I was in food service. I mean, yes, I was in the baked goods area, but Bakery Associate made me sound like I had something to do with the recipes.


I’m a nurse in Germany, where the title would translate to something like “health and illness caretaker” :sweat_smile:

Edit: Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin in German


I work for my family, and we all have ourselves really over-the-top job descriptions.
My dad’s official title on our ranch is “Chief Govenor Of Not-Feeding-Humans-To-Animals.” Inshort, he is the GM.
My mom is “Manager of All Things Guest Related”
My brother is “The King of Retail” (he does the retail side of the business)
I’m “Animal-Human Husbandry Leader” (I’m the one who works with animals), though during our seasonal stuff, I become “Fun Guy” because I’m in charge of the seasonal events.

I know it’s not the same elsewhere, I just thought I’d share because I thought they were funny.


Those are actually pretty darn hilarious. All we need is for a customer to be offended by such titles and we have the makings of an amazing NAR story!

I remember the comedian and singer Mitch Benn talking about how Mercenaries are now called Military Contractors, and commenting that “presumably because mercenary sounds too, well, mercenary”

He then went on to suggest that drug dealers be called “Independent Deregulated Pharmaceutical Providers”

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