Suggestion: Ability to add friends/follow people

There are some people on here I’d love to be able to follow and know when they post coughs Stephen our resident punster. I realize this could go badly but I think the option is on NAR proper too.


One of the resident punsters, please! There are many other equally talented wordsmiths out there, of which you are definitely one :wink:


Hey! I [almost] always [never] resemble that! Roland Dangerfield


Thank for writing in! We’re actually looking into this.
As you mentioned, we have to weigh the pros and cons of that specific feature. That said, the forums just launched so we are still gauging people’s interests and interaction.

Super appreciate this feedback though! :metal:


Add friends, follow folks – I like that idea. I hope ignore button is rarely used.

Thank you. I appreciate that. :slight_smile: high praise indeed.

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Would this include the option to ignore a poster?

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There already is a feature to ignore a poster. You’ll find this option inside any member’s public profile.
Using your profile below as an example:

I thought I’d looked everywhere! Thanks.

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