Stretching help needed please

Way to go Stephen!

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I hope to maybe go to WDW again one day (I was there when I was7 w/ my parents) and in order to get prepare for it I need to walk something like 15,000. I can’t figure out how to even get 5,000 steps. But I have been going to get the family’s mail in the rain.


Do you track your speed?

I find it very satisfying to see how my min/km is dropping, even though the times are terrible. But I can see the progress :slight_smile:


Funnily enough, I did a check yesterday and saw I had run just under 2km. I knew my running speed was barely faster than my brisk walking, but this is ridiculous lol!

So I can assume that when I have completed my 9 week course, I might have run for a little over 3km.

So this morning I came up with this plan: after completing the couch to 5k course, I’ll proceed onto the 5k to REAL 5k course. It uses the same app as before, but this time I’ll run a bit faster. And if by the end I haven’t achieved it at that speed, I’ll do it again, but try and do it faster still.


Running uses so many different from just walking, that it’s not weird to have it start at the same speed. I walk at 6 km/hour, and 7 if I really have to. I haven’t ran in a long time, but I do remember it was never really fast compared to walking.
It’s a building process, good to see you don’t get demotivated, but rather set yourself new goals!

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For me it’s the same. I skate a lot (skipped a year, want to build it again next season).
I cheated a little, bought new skates, and suddenly my speed increased with like 20% over night. The feeling was amazing :slight_smile:


For me personally the speed isn’t important (yet, at least), I’m just happy to have started again. But seeing the improvement is a good motivation for me :slight_smile: I walk a lot, and pretty fast, and my jogging at the moment isn’t that much faster I think. I can still feel the difference in my legs, so the muscles don’t care about speed either

I let the runkeeper app track my runs, as well as my “real” jogging app, and runkeeper gives me a lot of more nerdy statistics, I like that.

My old attempts to do do this are still available for me in that app, it’s also nice to compare myself now to a few years back

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I want to add a little tidbit that wasn’t mentioned: Your muscles work in antagonistic pairs, so if one is cramped you really don’t want to be stretching the opposite one until after you’ve thoroughly stretched the cramped one.

I recently learned that I apparently subconsciously stretch my legs all the way down to my toes when I wake up. I know this because I woke up with a very painful calf-cramp.

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Oh! I do the wake up leg thing too! It’s really really annoying. I get leg cramps waking up a few times a week.



Just in case you thought I’d been doing nothing on this… well, for a couple of weeks I hadn’t!

At the beginning of December, I had just started week 7 (3 lots of 25 min runs). I was all set to complete the course before Christmas, when I had a bit of a mishap.

Walking into work, I tripped over the kerb and landed badly on my knees. That day was absolute agony, but by the next day it was just my right knee that was painful. There was no way I was going out running that night!

Over the next week or so, my knee slowly improved. I could bend it, i could put my full weight on it by standing on one leg, but I couldn’t do both at the same time. But things were improving

Then towards the end of the second week, without thinking I made a mad dash for the bus. When I caught it, I realised what I had done, and I was in no pain! So I decided to start the running again.

That Sunday morning I decided to do the first run of the first week to test the waters. 8 lots of 1 minute runs with 1 minute of brisk walking in between. I had no problems. In fact, I remember comparing it to the very first time I did that run, and and every minute was a struggle. This time, when I was told the first minute was up I was quite taken by surprise as it felt like I’d hardly run at all!

So for my second run of the week I went straight to week 2. 6 lots of 90 second runs. Again, no issues.

The third run of the week was from week 3: a mixture of 90 seconds and 3 minutes of running, each done twice. I managed it, but I was tired by the end of it. I decided at that point I would not do any skipping forward through the runs.

So the next run (Boxing Day), I started week 4, slowly building up to last week when I finally completed week 7: three lots of 25 minute runs. Run two I apparently ran at a pace of 10 minutes to a kilometre. Run 3 though was a MASSIVE improvement: 9 minutes to a kilometre!

So what of today? First run of week 8, the first of three 28 minute runs. I ran the full amount without stopping, which is further than I ever have managed non-stop since forever. What’s more, I was running faster! 8 minutes 40 seconds per kilometre!

So I’m now sat in the armchair, exhausted and a bit achy, but very happy :smile:


Well done! Bad timing to get a fall, but it’s good to see you’ve picked yourself up.

I’m on the couch with muscle pains from yesterday, not too bad. It actually feels good to know I’ve been busy yesterday and am also trying to improve.


Falling hurts like hell. I fell like I think the Wed after Valentine’s Day of 2020. Since I was racing to get to my volunteer job. And I was in pain for weeks.


You can say that again! I was more worried about my elbows, as I fell on those too. Last time I did that I broke them both.

That was a fun few weeks…


Okay, first of all, great job for starting running. When I tried it at the beginning of cross country I though I would never be able to complete a race (5k) but it got easy much quicker than I expected and I did pretty well throughout the season. I bet running will be fun before you know it!
Calves are also the thing I need to stretch most and basically the only thing that will sometimes give me trouble. So here are some calf stretches I know:

  1. If you have stairs at home or encounter them on your run, stand below a step, put one foot halfway on the step, and then press down with your heel. You should feel a good stretch there, and it is super simple to do. Just stretch each leg equally. This type of motion stretches calves well.
  2. Something else that uses this motion, if you are able to do it, is to go in a downward dog position with only the tops of your feet on the ground and then petal your heels back, which also gets a really good stretch.
  3. Another simple one is to just stand up and pick up the tops of your feet, one by one, while leaving your heel on the ground. This is a good stretch because it can really be done any time you are standing.
    Hope this helps, and good luck fellow runner!

I DID IT!!! I’VE RUN 5K!!!

Had to stop briefly at the 10 minute mark, as my laces came undone. Also i did walk twice for about 10 metres each, but only because it would be dangerous to run there. But other than that, it was non-stop running!

Tired now…


Great job!


That’s awesome! Keep up the excellent work!