Stephen's Stroll: Bordesley Station to Let's See How Far

I’ve the day off, the weather is holding (for now!), so let’s go for another canal stroll!

I’m on the bus to Bordesley Station where I’ve started a couple of other walks, but this time I’m heading in the opposite direction.

I’ve not walked this part of the canal before (I think it’s the Grand Union Canal), so it’ll all be new to me.

I’ve no idea how far I’m going. It is supposed to rain later, so I might end it then. Or I might carry on regardless and just go until I’ve had enough, in which case it will be until I find a handy bus stop.

However far I go, you are welcome to post your comments, questions, hit the like buttons, report me for spamming… well, possibly not the last one!

I should be at the start point in about an hour, so I’ll see you in a bit…


Looking forward to this. I love these threads.
Thankyou for posting them.

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Yay, go Stephen

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And so it begins…

…the stroll and a fine mist of rain!

Approaching the first bridge…

…and I can see some rather neat raised brickwork.

I’m not sure my photo does it justice, but the raised bricks depict a narrow boat


This is very unusual for a canal. It’s the first time I’ve walked along the canal where a busy road is visible.

And it is very loud there. But round a bend…

…and it is getting quieter.

And by the time I get to the next bridge…

…the traffic is merely white noise, and I’m not the only one enjoying the peace.

I am in a busy city, but the signs of the city are slowly going…




For the moment, at least, I am in the countryside in a city.


Despite the apparent serenity of this photo…

…there is a LOT of noise from construction work on my left. This is for the improvement of the A45, a major route into the city, getting the infrastructure ready for the Commonwealth Games next year.

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I started a little over 1.3 km ago. I wonder how far I’ll get?

Whilst I like abseiling, I never really got into climbing…

…as it drives me up the wall.


I wonder what’s through that inlet?

An inlet, and seats, ideal for lunchtime!

But no access from here, so I’ll have to make do with the wall…

That was yummy, albeit uncomfortable seating. Now, onwards!

What’s this sign, barely 20 metres past where I was sat?


If anyone is interested, this is where I am…

This is what’s just behind me…

This is what’s ahead of me…

And this is how far away I am from the next bridge (just under 1km)

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I bet that’s a nice place to work, where you can have your lunch next to the canal.

I’d be forever paranoid about the handbrake failing…

Ahead, just past the bridge, it looks like I’ll be moving away from the open countryside and more into a jungle river, covered by a tree canopy.


There is no access to the embankment on the other side; that’s all been chucked over the fence.

Definitely getting more jungle-like

Above only trees

And behind, the sky

(On the other side of the bridge!)

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Definitely raining now. Fortunately this bridge is giving som shelter.

I’m currently at Yardley Road. It’s a bit of a stretch, but I think I’ll make my way to the next bridge and see if I want to continue, at Lincoln Rd North. Can’t guarantee many pics for a bit, as it is getting somewhat damp and my phone isn’t waterproof

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A bit of wildlife. Firstly, some moorhens

A crane

(Just caught it flying away)

Some mallards

And some pigeons

I’m sure you wish you had your "genie umbrella " :slight_smile: