Stephen’s Strolls: Where to Go?

Starting at Coventry Cathedral. If you could provide a few photos of the bombed out one (assuming that it’s still there as a memorial). Once at the canal, try and spot fish swimming in it.

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That is a great idea! I might tweek it though, if you are alright with it?

How about this… I’ll start at Coventry Cathedral, and take a meandering route around the city centre taking photos of art that I see (and being the current City of Culture, there is a LOT) as well as other stuff that might be of interest, and finish off at the canal basin with a short walk along the canal fish spotting?

Plus also photos of anything else requested?


So Coventry is for one of the days… could someone please suggest a starting point by a canal (not in Coventry, but somewhere in the West Midlands) for the other day?

You don’t even have to know the area; it could be for no reason at all you picked that place, or it could be for spurious reasons like “it’s near a lock”, or “I like lines that run north to south” or even “that’s where the dart landed”!

First time posting! :wave:
I know this is a long shot, but if you happen to see any of Jean Parker’s sculptures in Coventry, could you grab a photo? She was my Auntie, and insanely talented.

The Enfolding sculpture


Wednesbury Old Canal

This looks interesting, especially the Ridgacre Branch area. Sounds like a nice place to snap photos!

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Sounds like a plan! I walked past the junction to that canal the other week, so why not?

@darklys I know that statue, and assuming it hasn’t moved, it’s just outside the Cathedrals, so I’d have to go out of my way to miss it! Consider it as good as snapped.

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When I lived in a place with more trails I used to do “coin hikes”

Just start walking and every time you reach a turn or a fork flip a coin to determine which way to go. Then after youve walked as far as you want see if you can figure out a way home. Helps with your sense of direction too.


New destination needed, please!

The last couple of suggestions (Coventry Cathedral to Coventry Canal and Wednesbury Old Canal) resulted in a couple of fun walks.

I’m hoping the weather will be nice on the 14th May, as that is when I’m planning on doing my next walk. I say planning, as I would like to let you good people decide again.

So could you please suggest some point on a canal in the West Midlands area, and perhaps a general direction I can head towards?

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Do you want some ice cream?

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Frustratingly, Henley In Arden is outside of the zone of the Day Tripper ticket. That’s not to say I won’t do it in the future. I have a week off in September, and I’m planning on hiring a car during that time, with a plan to explore some of the canals just outside of my usual reach, so this suggestion will have to wait until then.

Consider it put to the top of my September visit list!

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This one looks pretty too! Castles are cool. Don’t know how reachable it is

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I’ve done that walk before, and you’d be right, it is lovely! It is possibly a bit far for a live blogging walk, as it would take me far too long to do all the posts and photos to do it justice, particularly if part of it took me past the castle… I’d be there for days!

To put it in context, Saturday’s walk, the three posts that did the interior of the cathedral, the area outside the cathedral and the enfolding statue took about an hour in total. I didn’t mind, as i had plenty of time and no fixed route. I knew that if it got late i could just cut straight to the canal basin, as i was never that far away.

With a circular route, particularly a long one, I’ll have committed myself to doing the whole lot, so no time for stopping, appreciating, photographing and uploading. Plus, if i get tired, I’ll be miles away from where i can get back.

This is why i really just need a starting point and possibly a direction, and canals are ideal for that. I can go as far as i want and stop for as long or as briefly i want.

That’s not to say I’m completely dismissing your suggestion. As it happens, Kenilworth is easily accessible for me; the number 11 bus goes there regularly. So how about i start as close as i can to the castle, go past the castle, then wander towards the town centre, passing through Abbey Fields, blogging all the way?

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All understandable! I was thinking that this route might be more of a hills and fields kind of thing, so there wouldn’t be as much to say about history and stuff like that, so that wouldn’t take as much time as the other walks :slight_smile: Would love to see some countryside pictures and nature :wink:

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Got a few days off next week, so canals will be featuring heavily.

Thinking possibly tomorrow doing through Wolverhampton, seeing all the locks, making my way north? Or maybe somewhere in Birmingham? I’m open to suggestions.

Tuesday will be a bit closer to home, maybe Nuneaton to Bedworth?

Wednesday I’m hoping it will be a nice day to start at the Edstone Aqueduct on the Stratford canal and then walk to Stratford on Avon, and the mooch around there until I’ve had enough.

No idea about thursday or friday yet, so if anyone has any ideas, please say so!

Oh, and @CJR, did you see the fish in my Abbey Fields walk?

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For the next walk I wish:

  • a pic of a yellow flower
  • a pic of a rabbit
  • a punny pic


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More likely to see the rabbit on Tuesday, but I’ll do my best…

I did. For your next mission I would like to see three different white birds, including a white duck. If you would be so kind… :grin:

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So much for walking Nuneaton to Bedworth. It’s not a long walk, but i am SO tired, and the weather hasn’t exactly encouraged me to go out.

Nipping out for a little bit now though, only because if i were to stay in I’d fall asleep. Again.

I still plan on going to Stratford tomorrow, but whether or not i take in the canals depends largely on the weather

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