Stephen’s Strolls: The canals near Paddington

I’ve been told that Regent’s canal near Paddington Station is absolutely lovely. Mind you, i was told that by an ex-coworker who used to drive me insane.

Well, the weather is nice and the trains aren’t on strike, so I’ve come to London to find out if he is right or if i need to seek him out and shake him by the throat.

I arrived at Euston about 20 minutes ago, caught the tube (including the new Elizabeth Line Line) and am now at Paddington Station. In a minute or two I’m off to the canal. But first i need to see one of the most famous of fictional immigrants, and hope i don’t get a hard stare.

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Forgot that i normally give my location for photos. So missed Paddington at Paddington Station, but here is my What3Words location for the next bit.


In previous canal walks, i have spoken about how a canal in a city will frequently not look like it’s in a city. Here though…

…there is no doubt!


I must be near Paddington Basin…

…as I’ve just found the plug

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Enjoy the stroll around my home city!

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Anything i should keep my eye out for on the canal?


Now those three words don’t make me queasy at all

I left when crossrail was on time and in budget. I assume that a lot has changed many times over!

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Any bits on or near the canal you’d like to see how it might have changed?


There’s a tiny little park in the canal! The Floating Pocket Park

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Well, that’s as far as I can go in that direction. Back the way i came, then onwards to pastures new!


Just had a chat with some volunteers from the Canal River Trust. Just under the bridge is another Paddington statue, this one is covered in blue velvet woah woah woah

Also under the bridge is a bubble bridge. I’ve not seen these before, but it helps aerate the canal as well as stopping the spread of duckweed and algae


And a little further up, a sign that Christmas is nearing.

Not that you need anymore reminders…


The part of the canal known as Little Venice (as well as Browning’s Pool, named for the poet Robert Browning).


Plan has been scuppered. I had hoped to go to Maida tunnel and walk through it. But looking at the tunnel from here:

…it doesn’t look like there’s a towpath. And even if there were…

…there’s no way to get there along the canal! Apparently it is possible to rejoin the canal after a 10 minute walk by the road, but i think I’d prefer to take the other exit from Little Venice and head North West


Not a huge amount to see along this stretch. So many moored narrowboats, it is only when you get a break that you can see the canal!

Mind you, one boat did catch my eye. One can only imagine the conversation the twenty-something boat owner had with his parents that led him to buy this particular boat:


This is more like it!

And nearby, not interested in the 3D mural at all:


It’s still a nice day, but it is starting to get cold. Im not too far from a tube station, so i think i might see if there’s a free art gallery i can visit.

But before i leave the canal, a parting shot:

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