Stephen’s Strolls: Stratford Upon Avon Canal


Right by another of those bridges, and a narrowboat approached. Time to start taking pics!


There’s what appears to be the remains of a bridge.

On my side of the towpath, there appears to be some more, under all that ivy.

Given the trees and other foliage taken root here, i think it’s fair to say it hasn’t been used for a long time

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I’ve now reached Wilmcote, which is roughly halfway between the aqueduct and Stratford.

It also looks like it was once the site where a bit of a push-back against destroying derelict canals started.

And it’s also where i have finally seen a white bird for @CJR!

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A lock!

Those gate arms aren’t particularly level, but a well practiced Towpath Treader can use them as impromptu seats. Time for lunch… where shall i sit?

I’m spoiled for choice!


On the move again, and I’ve reached the top of another set of locks. Pretty sure i can make out Stratford in the distance.

And closer to hand, a picnic table, which would have been much more comfortable than a lock gate!


I think this might be the last of the locks until i reach Stratford.

Up ahead, i can see the bridge that carries the A46, which is the bypass that goes around Stratford.


On the outskirts of Stratford now.


Earlier, when i said this:

…as i am now on the outskirts, does it mean i was still correct when i now realise there are still more locks to come?


Starting to become a bit more urban…

…and on the other side of the bridge, the countryside is still holding on


A lot less rural now!


Some more swans for @CJR

I’m hoping there will be more variety of birds when i reach the marina


Very picturesque

Even more so on the other side of the bridge!


Just a couple more canal bends, and I’ll be there. There’s one just the other side of the bridge


Here i am, in Stratford Upon Avon, at the Marina!

…and a herring gull for @CJR!

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And finally, the bottom lock, where the Stratford Upon Avon canal…

…meets the River Avon!

That concludes the canal walk, but I’ll probably post more if i see something interesting. I’m still hoping to see a white duck or a rabbit!

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@Stephen Those bridges that aren’t drawbridges are to allow tow horses to cross the canal. The gap in the middle is so that the ropes can be fed through rather than detaching and reattaching them from the boat.

The marina is a lot less crowded than when I sailed through before!

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That makes sense… thanks!

Have i met your requirements for your white bird quest? No white ducks here, as far as i can see, and I’m not buying anymore crispy duck pancakes lol!

In the meantime, have some metal swans…


Please keep an eye out for a white duck that is still alive but yes, you can tick it off.

Next walk - insects!

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Why couldn’t you have said that an hour ago… I’ve just been to the MAD Museum, and the place is FULL of mechanical insects lol!

Next walk it is. .


Back in 2012, when we hosted the Olympics, the Royal Mail painted a post box gold for every athlete who won a gold medal, and it is placed in their home town. I’ve seen one in Milton Keynes (forget who that was for), one in Bedworth for the showjumper Nick Skelton, and I’ve just seen this in Stratford


Shakespeare’s birthplace. I wanted to get in through the windows but…

…it’s bard

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