Stephen’s Strolls: Stratford Upon Avon Canal

It’s 9am, I’ve arrived far too early, and I’m waiting for the first of two trains to take me towards Stratford Upon Avon. I say towards, because if the weather holds I’ll be getting off at Bearley and doing the last few miles on foot. But before i leave Bearley, I’ll be taking loads of photos from and of Edstone Aqueduct.

Edstone Aqueduct is one of three aqueducts in a short few mimes of the canal, and is by far the longest (the shortest is more-or-less the same length as a narrowboat). I won’t be going to the other two (wrong direction) but i really hope to see the Edstone Aqueduct again.

It’s not the longest aqueduct in the UK (that one is in Wales and is AMAZING), but it is the longest in England.

More info about the aqueduct may be found here.

As always, I’ll post my photos with the locations using

If you have any questions, comments, quests, etc for me, then please post! I’ll do my best to respond promptly.

I have two outstanding quests from @Sillsallad and @CJR… to photograph a rabbit, and three different white birds (including a white duck). I managed a white duck the other day (it was shredded and was accompanied by hoisin sauce), but I’ll see if i can get one in the wild today!

Ten minutes to go for my train…


Now sat on the train in Leamington; it’s due to leave in a few minutes. The sky is overcast and dark grey but the sun is shining here, but otherwise fine. Possibility of rain later; do i risk it?

I’ve about twenty mins to decide…


Decision made.

…and it’s just started raining. Can i change my mind?


Ah well…

Got a little bit of a walk ahead of me befoe i can start my walk proper.

“Be happy about the rain, because if you’re not happy about it, it will still be raining!”

Enjoy your walk :slight_smile:

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The road I’m on has just met up with the stream…

… and ahead is the railway line. This road, the stream and the railway are what the aqueduct will be passing over.


First glimpse.


Here we are!

“Hello up there!”

A bit of info and art

Up we go!


Someone approaches!

The canal aqueduct is made of a number of cast iron prefab channels, bolted and sealed together.

And if a narrowboat bumps into the side, you can hear it all the way along.

If i hadn’t seen this boat approaching, i definitely would have heard it coming!

Got some nice greetings from this crew!

Me, to the person at the tiller: “You certainly like the side if the canal!”

Him: “it adds to the excitement :laughing:

A couple of panoramic views. First to the east…

…and now the west:

I think, under that canopy of trees, is the disused and now dry Alcester canal line

At the north end, a bit more art…

A lock in the distance…

…and some mallards ignoring it all.

Time to think about heading to Stratford. It’s about 4 miles away. So back over the aqueduct, passing another set of voyagers…

…who are also wavers!

Happy to get a shot of a train passing underneath

Also very happy to meet a lovely lady who allowed me take a pic of her furry companions Trix (white) and Tally (black).

Her and her husband (following behind in their hired narrowboat) are doing the Avon loop, and will soon be doubling round to the Droitwich arm of the loop.


That’s a sweet little bridge

It has the appearance of a draw bridge.

It’s not one, as the brick walls prevent it from opening, and there is no apparent hinge, but maybe it was once, in the past…?

Anyway, time to carry on. Stratford is that-away!


I thought at first it was a rabbit, but no, it was a squirrel


I know I’ve already completed this quest, @Sillsallad, but I’ve not seen these types of flowers before…

…so how could I possibly resist?