Stephen’s Strolls: Kenilworth Castle and Abbey Fields

It’s a beautiful day, i have no jobs i need to do (a lie, I have loads to do, I’m just ignoring them), so it’s time for a stroll.

I’m on the number 11 bus passing through south Coventry heading towards Kenilworth. This starting point was suggested by @Sillsallad.

I plan to do a bit around the outside of the castle, before seeing what i can see in Abbey Fields, and ending up at Kenilworth Town Square.

Not sure how long this will take, so i might catch the bus afterwards and have a potter around in Leamington afterwards.

I’ll be giving my locations with the notation, if anyone wants to see how I’m progressing.

As always, feel free to post comments, questions, etc. and I’ll try my best to respond quickly

I’ll be in Kenilworth in about 20 mins, so just enough time to have a read up on where I’m heading to…


Off the bus now. Stopped right by Abbey Fields, so here’s a quick prelude to what’s coming up:

…but for now I’m heading this way:


Is this a dig at those who play chess?


First glimpse…


Rather magnificent!

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Found this grassy knoll to stand on to take some photos.

I double checked, and there are no book warehouses nearby.

…too soon?

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Not that I was ever planning on sneaking in without paying, but if i were…

…it really doesn’t look easy to do so.

It’s almost like it was built here for a reason?

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Here be…


Someone has a lovely place for pets!

And indeed a nice view of the castle!

Living here in November must be both a blessing and a curse, because these fields are where the Kenilworth Fireworks display happens.

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Rather frustratingly, they’ve not left the key under a flowerpot


In case of sleepwalking:


Found a nice stream (Finham Brook) to see if i can finally satisfy @CJR’s needs?

I think that’s a placebo fish in there. Either that or it’s homeopathic.


I think the ivy is flipping the bird




The way in! But as i haven’t got a wristband, the guards refuse entrance.

But here’s what you could have seen, if i wasn’t so cheap…

A bit of info about the place, plus a rare photo of me (well, a silhouette at least)

Not sure if it should be Saruman or Macbeth who should be worried…


Nearly finished the circuit!


Another peak inside…


I can hear the road just beyond those trees…


And now I’ve gone full circle! About an hour is so ago, i was stood over by the street sign, taking a photo for post 5.

Now on to Abbey Fields!

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Close to this entrance to Abbey Fields is Finham Brook making another appearance.

When there’s been heavy rain, it also makes an appearance on the road, turning this bit into a ford:

…and when it’s really been raining, it turns this road into a car graveyard.

At the entrance there are a few info boards.

…but as this one is under a tree…

…information has become somewhat redacted!

And now we go in:

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A nice view of the lake

I’ll come back to that later, but for now I’m exploring the left path to see what’s there.

Now that looks worthwhile checking out!