Stephen’s Strolls: Dudley Port towards Birmingham

The weather is fine, so you know it’s the time, for strolling about by the canal.

Currently at Coventry railway station awaiting the first of two trains to take me up to Dudley Port. The last Canal Stroll took me from Wolverhampton towards Birmingham, and i called it a day at Dudley Port. Today i intend to pick up the walk from where i left off and carry on towards Birmingham, blogging as i go, not knowing quite how far I’ll get.

As always, feel free to post comments, questions, etc, and I’ll do my best to respond to them as i go.


Now on second train. Due at DP in about ten mins.

Here i am, and there’s the canal! So close.

But followers of these blogs know it’s not straightforward. Down the steps…

Along the corridor…

Down the hill…

Under the viaduct and aqueduct…

Over the road …

Up the steps…

And that’s the way to go!

Bit of a slow start… spotted this:

So reported it tto the canal and river trust. I also saw a narrowboat approaching, so i gave them a heads up too. The direction they were heading in it wouldn’t be able to shift if they hit it; hopefully they’ll be able to move it.



Enjoy your walk!


It’s overcast, but getting warm now. So coat off, sunscreen on, and carry on in a straight line!

So quiet. The only sound is of birds tweeting.

Who knew they had Twitter accounts!

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A bit of noise to disturb the peace…

…but even that isn’t particularly loud.

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Ah, here’s the toll island i wrote about in a previous walk.

This must mean that I’m close to the canal that leads from the staircase locks.

Ah, there’s the branch, just on the right:

This must mean I’m now into new territory!

Still looks pretty straight…


Just passed under Albion Railway bridge, and saw this sticking out of the wall.

It’s cast iron, painted white to presumably stop people bumping into it, but I’ve no idea what it was used for.

It looks like part of a hinge, but there’s only one there. Any ideas?

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Every now and then, civilisation shows up and things get a bit loud…

…but it very quickly passes, once you’re on the other side of the bridge.

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Looks like a roll of tp :smiley:

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That bridge in the second photo in my previous comment is Pudding Green Junction Bridge, and marks the start of the Walsall Canal.

It looks quite pleasant; I’ll have to give it a go some time soon.

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Up ahead… i don’t believe it… it can’t possibly be real!

But it is…



Did i just see something red… ?

Maybe i should go and look for it…?

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…should I…?

…nah! Would much rather be walking.

Don’t want a red balloon anyway.

@Sillsallad, enjoying the signs of Spring?

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Another Toll Island.

And just beyond that, Bromford junction.

I’m heading right, as I’d like to carry on with the new main line canal. If i were to head left, i would meet up with the old main line canal before rejoining the NMC later on at Smethwick junction.

Up ahead, you can see the busy motorway M5 passing over the canals.

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Time to cross over…

…not much of a towpath any more!

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