Stephen’s Strolls: A Wolverhampton Wanderer

Fortunately, there is a hole in it!

Welcome to Coseley Tunnel.

See you on the other side…

It occurred to me, as i entered the tunnel, that the last line if my previous post would be an amazing and enfuriating way to quit NAR. I could just decide never to post again and you’ll all be wondering if the tunnel connected to the Bermuda Triangle!

I wouldn’t do that to you…

Anyway, here’s the tunnel half way mark:

The view ahead:


And the only noise in there, aside from my footsteps, came from water draining through the roof.

Finally, the other side:

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It’s good to see people enjoying the canals. I’ve not seen any boaters, but there have been loads of dog walkers, joggers, cyclists etc.

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Now reached Tipton. To the right is the Old Main Line, that i walked along a couple of weeks back. To the left is the Birmingham Mainline that i also walked last week, and will again today.

Ahead is the first of the three locks at Tipton…

Complete with a narrowboat.

Here’s the second…

…and the third…

…complete with a handy little bridge that’ll get me on the correct side of the canal for later.

Now on the New Mainline canal. To the left, a boat yard. To the right, a rare bend, seldom seen along here!

A clear blue sky, sun and a lot of green !
Spring is lovely, isn’t it?

Enjoy your walk :smiley:


I was about to post a photo showing how easy it is to get all your ducks in a row, when the one on the right got up!

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He’s not in a punny mood!

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It is indeed!

Getting a bit tired now, so i think I’ll just go as far as Dudley Port station and call it a day there.

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I swear these canals were built by the Romans… so straight!

Just over there… Dudley Port Railway Station, and my train is imminent. Will i make it?

No. You missed it!

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Short answer, no.

Long answer is it is quite a walk from the canal to the station, as i showed in my previous stroll.

As i dashed up the driveway to the railway station, i could see my train, taunting me. And as i started up the stairs to the platform level, it drove off.

Ah well.

Anyway, the next train isn’t until half past, which gave me enough time to pop to the nearby post office and grab a couple of drinks

You’ll be back on track shortly!


Train is due in ten mins, which gives me enough time to try and plump up the metal seat I’m collapsed on to make it more comfy, enjoy a cold Pepsi Max, and post the Strava data

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I planned in strolling with you on my way to work today, it’s too early for a bus so I have to walk.

The way is a mixture of industrial art and foresty patches, with a lot of flowers and trees blooming.

Due to the summer daylight saving change this night, this is what you get:


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