Stephen’s Strolls: A Wolverhampton Wanderer

The weather is nice, I’ve got my backpack full of snacks and drinks, and…

…I’ve still twenty minutes to wait for my train to take me to Wolverhampton.

The plan is to get on the canal there and make my way south towards Birmingham. Some of the route will take me along the stretch i did a couple of weeks back, the New Birmingham Mainline.

I’d like to get all the way to the Sealife Centre, but i might stop earlier, depending on the time. Yes, i could walk quickly, but then i wouldn’t be able to stop and post all the time, and where’s the fun in that?

As always, feel free to ask questions, make comments, etc. I might not notice them straight away, but i will see them eventually!

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Any chance you could stop and get some goat curry in Wolverhampton? Good memories when we moored up for the night…

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Not today… i have sarnies with me.

It’s true; I’m not kidding!

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I’ve found the canal…

But how do i get to it???

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Not that way

Bit of a circular route, but got there in the end.


About to walk under the railway station

If i were here about 15 minutes ago, you’d see me taking a photo of the canal, wondering how to get down to where i am now.

Try not to think too hard about that

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Catshill Junction. To the left, the way to Wednesfield. Me, I’m going straight on.

This canal certainly feels more urban than other city canals I’ve walked along.

Yet there is still a sense of beauty here.

The BOC depot in Wolverhampton.

Working here must be a real gas

Starting to leave signs of Wolverhampton behind…

…and move more into the slightly more rural areas as i approach All Saints and Ettingshall.

I fear i may have done Wolverhampton Canal a disservice, as my route today isn’t taking me through the best bits, which are the locks. But that was in the wrong way for me today. I might have to back another day.

Even so, this canal still has some amazing scenes for me to photograph.

A couple of weeks ago, on my last stroll, @Sillsallad was wondering about signs of spring.

Not a huge amount today, but where it is happening…

…it really is happening!


The canals have had a huge impact on the infrastructure and culture in the area. I regularly go for walks near the pub called The Longford Engine, named (i believe) the pump engine that was there. Today i walked under the railway at Lock Bridge , as i made my way to the canal, adjacent to the first of the Wolverhampton Locks.

And just now, i walked under a bridge where, during the Industrial Revolution, canal workers would have a break…

…and play Pokemon Go

if the joke in the last post made no sense, try enlarging the image.

The bridge was Catchems Corner Bridge

Just had a nice sarnie break (no goats curry, sorry!) with a lovely view.

Time to carry on!

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Sculpture, climbing frame, or really badly designed cage?

Answers on a postcard, please

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Just a reminder that i am still technically in Wolverhampton, part of the major West Midlands and Staffordshire conurbation.

Overhead is the Black Country Route, a major road that will take you to Bilston and Walsall to the left, and to the right, to the Birmingham road between Dudley and Wolverhampton.

Far too busy up there.

Down here, from under the bridge i can see ahead and to the left the Wednesbury and Oak Loop, a short canal spur that will take you towards Bradley, but not much further.

Things are so much more sedate down here.

Dotted along here are a number of cast iron mooring points for narrowboats to use. Most look like this…

…but one is a bit different:

Fairy nice!


Canal seems to disappear ahead…

Big wall too…