Star Wars Discussions: Return of the Thread

Thoroughly enjoyed the final episode of Andor. Little heads up, as Star Wars doesn’t usually do this: there is a stinger in the final episode, a little end credit scene


Oh, good, now I’m not talking to myself, then. :smiley:
I also liked this episode a lot, but then again, I liked the series as a whole anyway. I find one great thing about this ending is how they managed to keep the various storylines going without ending on a cliffhanger. Bix, B2EMO and Brasso are, for now, safe and Andor got recruited into the Rebellion, yet Meero and Karn are still out there, posing a very legitimate threat not only for Andor but the nascent Rebellion as a whole.
I also like how Kassian managed to slip in and out, using the chaos of the revolt as his cover, with killing only one guard, then managed to get a drop on Luthen, of all people, as befitting someone who will be a high-ranking spy in the Rebellion (as we know from Rogue One).


I have just read some info about Season 2 of Andor. Apparently, it will use a 4X3 format, with each three episodes from the next year of Andor’s life, with the last episode ending with him “flying into Rogue One”.


That sounds like a clever format. I was also glad of the heads up on the post credits scene, I watched it last night and honestly, chills.

Has anybody watched Tales of the Jedi yet?

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I haven’t. I ought to though