Star Wars Discussions: Return of the Thread

…or maybe just Andor Discussion, but I thought with that series starting, it might be time to have a new SW topic.
So, is anyone else watching Andor? Thoughts so far?

As for me, I do like it so far; I like how, while it’s also in the heavily oversaturated time period between episodes III and IV, it plays out way away from any known locations. Although, one could argue that exactly because of this lack of known characters and places, basically it’s only the occasional mentioning of The Empire (and that well known “used future” look of Ferrix) that reminds us that it’s still a Star Wars series.

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Is it out now? I’ll have to check it out when i get back home in a few days time.

Hopefully spoliers in this thread will be obscured!

I would think so, since it is an ongoing series.

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I’m kinda enjoying it but I’ve just started episode 3 and so far I have no idea what the show is actually about.

As far as I am concerned, Andor is on the run from Inspector Javert Syril Karn and ends up being recruited into The Rebellion. But yeah, it is slow to pick up, not helped by the frequent memory segments. Which are cool but do disrupt the flow.
I do wonder if his search for his sister will come up again or if it was just an excuse to kick-start the events of the series.

I was really confused because I thought Andor was the name of the planet Endor. It’s been ages since I watched Rogue One and I had completely forgotten who the character was.

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I’m enjoying the more nuanced tones of the show. Lucas built a wonderful world but everything was very polarised. Even when he did the prequel trilogy showing Anakins shift towards Vader there was no graduation unless you count a few foreshadowing events like his massacre of the sandpeople. He went from being a cocky but resentful Jedi to a child murderer almost instantly.

I mean, I love my wife but I can’t see myself murdering an actual room full of children for her because a shifty old guy told me he would tell me how to bring her back to life when she wasn’t even dead or dying. Sorry, Mrs Toaster.

The idea that some of the Rebellion morally compromised themselves for the greater good is a welcome shift in tone.


+1 for that. That said, my take on Anakin’s fall to darkness is that Pally built upon troubled, violent thoughts and insecurities that were always there but Anakin couldn’t face them, not helped by the Jedi order being as stuck-up and dogmatic as it was in its terminal stage, things that the movies do show. But yes, it does feel rather sudden; maybe they didn’t have time to show his gradual descent into evil because he wasted all the playtime talking about how he hates sand and making stilted romantic small talk :grin: .

Also, I like in both this and The Mandalorian that you don’t need the Jedi and Sith (and the eternal battle between them) to be constantly there to have a Star Wars production.


Oh absolutely, I think people forget that by the time of the original trilogy the Jedi and Sith were meant to be rare. Not every story needs to be or should be about the few force users still out there.

Do you know what confuses me though? Droids. They are highly intelligent, have emotions and distinct personalities with many protagonists having at least one Droid companion. However they are still obviously property despite arguably being true AIs. Was there ever a Droid rebellion in the EU? If not then I’d love to see that story.

Had there been, then we’d probably see a Dune-like, forcedly droid-less galaxy, but definitely nothing at this level of consciousness.
No, it looks like the SW world builds upon the idea that droids, however advanced they might be and whatever (pseudo?)emotions they might have, are fully aware that they are objects and properties. Even R2-D2, who shows some level of initiative in escaping the farm in A New Hope (and thus directly disobeys its current masters), only does so because it is following orders from another master.

It feels like there’s room for a story there. It could be something like the plot of the Detroit game which gave you the option of independence through peaceful protest and demonstration.

Actually, this reminds me of IG-11, that assassin droid from The Mandalorian. While it’s a Guild member, so the Guild “owns” it in a sense, I don’t recall it having a specific master (well, initially, before Kuill rebuilt it), so, if it is truly so, it might be the closest example of an independent droid we see in the SW-verse.

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It’s interesting that Disney apparently takes a slower approach with these Andor episodes; I doubt it’s a spoiler to say that, in the last two episodes, not a single blaster shot was fired and no one got into a (light)saber duel, either. No, just progressing storylines… somewhat slowly. I can’t yet say if this approach is good or bad, but a definite change of pace from the usual, action-packed stuff.