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When I was a youth my Dad would rent tapes of Star Trek: TOS from the videostore for me every week and when I ran out of tapes of that series I started on TNG. I remember being very excited when DS9 tapes started to appear on the shelves because it was even more Trek to enjoy.

As I said to someone in the comments, I’ve never met a Trek I didn’t like and that includes the new movies and Discovery. However I was having a chat with a friend yesterday and he made the comment that Discovery in particular has a very different tone. Classic trek used sci-fi to hold up a mirror to problems of the day and the episode taught people how to think about the issues in another way and/or showed the absurdity of bigotry through the way an evolved society reacted to it. My friends comment was that Discovery doesn’t do that, it presents things as settled conclusions which would be fine if our society wasn’t still struggling with things like sex and gender identities.

I’ve been off work and pretty much bedridden with Covid since last Friday so I’ve been binging shows including Strange New Worlds. It seems much more like classic trek to me and does seem to be using it’s story telling to educate people on issues. That said, I’ve also heard the Orville described as the modern show most like classic Trek.

What do people think?

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I’ve never actually watched star trek, but your title now has the song stuck in my head. That I have seen. Damn you.



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I have to do catch-up I have watched some of the First Season (up to the The Cage epoisides) of Star Trek: TOS. But I want to watch all three seasons + Star Trek:NG, and the others.


It’s definitely a comedy and more irreverent, but I would agree with this. Haven’t watched the Discovery stuff, but I have seen Orville and it’s really good. I also just realized the third season FINALLY came out and now I know what I’m going to binge this week.

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S03 of the Orville is being uploaded one episode per week in the UK (it really bugs me when streaming services do that instead of uploading all at once and letting me binge incidentally). I don’t know if I’d call it a comedy exactly although the earlier episodes leant that way the show seems to get straighter over later episodes (there are still jokes and funny events but they’re more incidental than plot driving).

I think Seth MacFarlane tricked the network by thinking he was making a sci-fi comedy piggybacking on the back of renewed interest in star trek and then gave the world a show incredibly faithful to the classic Trek tone and format.

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That’ll take you a while but I’d definitely add DS9 and Voyager into the mix too :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m planning too… actually one of my Gen 7 characters in my Simlit her blog the 2nd half of the blog’s title is called Voyager after that particular show

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I have a copy of the Nerdfighter Voyager “header” avaible.
Here it is:

(Yeah I know it’s mostly literary characters, but she the Sim character off-screen sometimes talks about TV shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who as well)

I honestly don’t understand what any of that means, can you explain please?

What does what mean?

What is Gen 7 and what is Simlit? I’ve never heard of either of those things.

Sorry I forgot not everyone is a Simmer. SimLit it’s basically stories told with the Sims game (currently Sims 4). Some people play legacies like I do, and most legacies you have to get to the birth of Gen 10 before you “complete” the legacy. So the founder (in most legacies) is Gen 1 and they have to get married, have children, and etc. Some people combine the legacy with a story aspect and write a story with whatever ideas pop into their mind.

I’m on Seventh Generation of my Swansons (the main family in my SimLit story) so that means that there been six generations before them and it’s going to be hard work this generation. Let’s just hope this time I can actually finish it and move on to Gen 8.

Sorry for taking the thread off-topic!

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You know, I was legitimately surprised by the number of serious topics they took on. It was impressive. And I’m sorry you can’t binge, that sucks! I can never keep up with a show if they don’t let me binge lol.

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agreed. DS9 is very unlike all the other Star Trek shows in a lot of ways - interesting ones, while fitting into the universe. And Voyager is fun because the premise removes the crew from the familiar planets and species that you see in the other shows.


DS9 is rife with heavy topics that were avoided, and it has eerily portrayed some of what is happening in the US right now. There was a time travel bit about a part of earths past that took place sometime in 2020(don’t recall the exact year in this decade). Boiled down to lack of jobs, marginalized people, lack of proper health care (including mental health) plus uber rich, and more job losses, and a classic lets put the poor in this homeless zone (think like setting up a small city) to forget about those people.

The only upside of it was that it purportedly lead to major socio-economical changes to bring about prosperity.

The terrorism that was a backbone of the show setting. Not just one or two episodes, but throughout the entire seven seasons. The good and the bad of religion, and what corrupt religious leaders can cause. And in one of the last episodes it even goes down a blunt talk about how corrupt the one government is, and how the Empire needed to die. The conversation is fresh in my mind, watched this one over the weekend. She was saying think about it, when was the last time the high council had a leader you respected? Did it ever? How many time has the high council had to cover up a corrupt leaders incompetence or poor choices to save face?

Yea, kinda feels very appropos.

I could go on, but I’m a hardcore trekkie who can go down the rabbit hole… if you hadn’t gathered. Heh.


ds9 went HARD on topics that other trek shows didn’t for long arcs. not because they couldn’t, but by virtue of being set on a space station - not moving around the galaxy, there was more opportunity to dig into the things you mention above.

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DS9 also did action really well sometimes. The scene where they took on an entire Klingon armada gave me chills.

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My jaw was on the floor watching the Orville last night. It was an absolutely brutal episode.

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