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If you have a cyst, who got the goal?

Sorry, I’m leaving now…


Not long got back from seeing my best friend, Becky.

We took Void and Vortex to meet her, and in return, she introduced me to her beautiful (but very bouncy) puppy, Luna! I did a brave and patted Luna as well - I’m cynophobic.

Becky and I also had our first experience of Five Guys. Food - acceptable for the price. Milkshakes - gorgeous! Wheelchair accessibility - very poor.

Twas nice seeing the Becky again! We don’t get to meet up that often.


My parents church is a drop center for Operation Christmas Child which collects shoeboxes full of gifts for children around the world. We did almost 300 shoeboxes today. One church gave 102 and a group of three women did 162! Plus there were random people who came in. Here’s a picture of the cartons. Each holds around 15 boxes. And here’s a picture of the table about it. So inspirational.


I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Operation Christmas Child as basically being an evangelical movement that uses the gift boxes to push Christian literature and Bible study courses onto non-Christian children, especially in Muslim countries. Is that no longer the case?

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It’s not true. The integrity of the box is the first thing. Yes when a child gets the gift (given by individuals out of the goodness of their hearts) they do get the Christmas story. But they’re not coerced into doing anything or reading anything they don’t want to.

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Hmm. I mean, Samaritan’s Purse themselves say “a shoebox is just the beginning. It also presents an opportunity in more than 100 countries for our church partners to invite children into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through The Greatest Journey.”

Given that they also accompany the giving of the shoeboxes by offering a 12-step ‘discipleship programme’ for recipients only, it looks a lot like the various critical articles are right in claiming that evangelism is the main aim and the shoebox gifts are largely used to draw people in.

It may not be coercion, but surely there are better ways to help people?

I made some people’s day today at work. Don’t click the spoiler if you are easily grossed out.

I cleaned out some amazing yuck from people’s mouths.

One guy told me that things felt a lot better and he even got to eat some food! I also got to use a little bit of my ASL with someone else (I may have said a few wrong things).


If you were running it how would you do it? What would you suggest? Let me give you an example. I recently got some free address labels from the SPCA. They sent them to me in the hopes that I’d make a donation to the cause. But if I don’t give it to them or I don’t want to donate then they don’t take the address labels back. This is no different. They send me the information. I can do with it what I will. The children who receive these boxes have a choice to read it or not. No one is holding the gift ransom until they read the literature. All they are getting is the information like I did with the SPCA.


Happy fire.

That is all.


I was wondering whether you weren’t aware of the evangelistic nature of OCC, or whether you knew and didn’t mind. Guess that answers that. Thankyou.


I hope you weren’t offended. I’m not. And yes I did know. I myself am a Christian. I’m not one of those crazy ones who we read about in NAR who go nuts over Halloween or the number 666 or anything like that. Those types of Christians give the rest of us bad names.


Operation Christmas Child is huge here, and I totally understand the attraction of it— I have made up shoeboxes in the past. Now, though, I prefer to donate money to a non-religious NGO like Plan. Cash gives them a lot more flexibility to meet local needs.


I teach Sunday School and I have the 5-7 (K-1) year olds. The classroom I share a wall with is the second graders (7-8 year olds). I overheard this today which just made me giggle.

“I thought when the world ends, we were going to get attacked by aliens.”


Disenchanted, scrumpy and ramyeon. Pretty decent evening.


I made lasagna for the first time in 3 years. Haven’t lost my touch, except that the sauce was a little too sweet.

The last time I made it was for my Mom before she died.


Got my train ticket for London tomorrow. Just a day trip.

If the weather is nice, it’ll be strolls along Regent’s Canal over near Paddington Station; I’ve been told it’s very nice.

If the weather is persisting down, then it’ll be a trip to museums and art galleries


Our area got an unusually heavy and early dump of snow. We live in a rural area, and we never plow our gravel driveway because our pickup truck can get through the snow without any problems.

Okay, it has gotten stuck a couple of times, but I was able to dig it out.

Okay, one of those times was just a couple days ago, but 1) I made a stupid mistake and used 2WD instead of 4WD as I’d intended; 2) it took a whole 5 minutes to dig out the light, fluffy powder snow and get unstuck.

Today, we were talking about whether we might have to, for the first time in over 20 years, hire a plow to clear the driveway so that it is more accessible. However, we have a pretty strong chinook wind blowing, and the temperature today was about 6°C, with a few more warm days ahead. So it looks like we will be able to skip the plow— at least for now.


I also made some cookies. Everyone who tried them raved about them. I might have to make them more often.


In todays “tales from the corporate world” I just got chewed out by my client for the most bizarre reason. As part of our contract we have a built in expense budget (for things like travel, catering, presentation materials etc.) And the contract guaruntees that our expense budget each month will be between $X and $Y.

We had originally had one of our team members as a travel resource and so his flights were built into the budget. But he rolled off the project and was replaced by a local resource that doesnt need to expense travel. The client then went off on me because our expense budget for the last month is “not in our contractually obligated range”. Because we are UNDER the estimated range. It was an hour long meeting of them going off on me.

So I guess everyone on the team is going to get a very nice bottle of wine to go with their Thanksgiving dinner this year lol.


For several years I had been looking for a kid’s cookbook I had (@LeadingZero knows the one I’m talking about)- and I hadn’t been able to find it but it has finally reappeard in the past 24hours because when I went to breakfast this morning poof! there it was on the dinning room table

Edit: Turn out it was in among Mom’s old kitchen calendars.

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