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Happy birthday for Saturday!

You share your birthday with such luminaries as Declan Donnelly, Ally McCoist, Jim Henson, Guru Ram Das, and Roman Emperor Vitellius!

Hope you have a fantastic day!


After a well-needed break I am home, cat fed. Time to flop and recover, ready to go back to work in the morning.


I’m one step closer to escaping the work grind. Got the Adult Financial Assistance from my state, which is $250 more a month than the $0 I’ve had coming in for almost a year now. Because I have that, my county can submit an application for SSDI on my behalf, which may well raise my chances of being approved first time around. Doesn’t guarantee it, but I definitely have better-than-average chances. Not entirely sure what I’ll be doing for rent in the meantime, but I think I can maintain it.

Also got a certain… sterilization surgery approved with minimal effort (thanks, Colorado!), so looking forward to that in the next few months. My partner may even fly in for it to assist in recovery, and I’d be so happy to see her again. :heart::heart:

Edit: I also just learned about the Wicked movie adaptation!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa


Happy (almost) birthday!

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Happy birthday!

My dad is a few years older than you and for the last 15 years or so my grandma (his mom) has sent him birthday cards talking about how old he is. So all I’m saying is it could be way worse. (I sent her a similarly horrible one for her 90th birthday and got the joy of a hysterically laughing 90 year old leaving me a voice message).


Spread some happiness relief:

I’m on my own at work today and so far it has been super calm. Only a few hours to go and no catastrophes in sight


Not sure if this counts as happiness, relief from frustration or just confusion.

My MIL is in the process of building a house. For the last month she has been complaining about how exhausted she is with having to fight over an easement that would interfere with their construction plan.

I went with her to a meeting today to try and help out. Only to find out that, the easement is not on any official survey, it only exists on a hand drawn sketch from 1950 that is of no legal consequence, and at no point has anyone actually argued with her.

Essentially everyone she has been calling up to “fight the easement”. Has told her there is no easement, they agree with her, shes fine to build the house and they dont know why she keeps calling different people. Basically shes been calling people up, going on a tirade about how the easement shouldnt exist while everyone is agreeing that the easement DOESNT exist, then she is complaining to me and my wife about how exhausting the whole process is.

But the good news is atleast its all settled now?


Happy birthday!

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Void and Vortex have been for their first check-up! They behaved purrfectly, and the vet was pleased with them! Void weighs 2kg, with Vortex slightly lighter at 1.7kg.

We’ve also got them microchipped, and the vet said that they didn’t bat an eyelid when she inserted the chip!

So proud of them!


This has been sitting on my sewing table in the middle of my living room for two weeks. Finally got it done tonight! Tis a blanket for a friend of my mom’s little one who is due in November, so its a lightweight fleece. Not that it gets too cold around here…


I’m simultaneously excited and scared that it won’t be as good. Cause like, I know some people liked into the woods but I did NOT.

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My husband and I went to Walmart to buy clothes to wear to his daughter’s fiancée’s funeral on Monday. I found a nice pair of pants originally $17 that I got for $5.


I’m so excited about next week’s trip. To the point that yesterday when Dad and I were wondering around the story for an entire hour for reasons, I didn’t notice Dad waving at me for several seconds, because my brain was on Murdoch trip

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Happy Birthday, then.

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Congrats on staying alive another year.


Thank you!

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My parents know my sense of humour…


Happy Birthday and wishing you all the best for the next year!
That half-sentry looks like he should debate about swallows and coconuts. :thinking: