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I got a performance bonus at work today :slight_smile:

It was a “buy my wife some flowers” size bonus. But still was a nice surprise.



going into the city tomorrow

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Saw my best friend for the first time in…12 years? yesterday. :smiley:


My workplace took some residents for Happy Meals today (who cares that they’re all adults? The point was for them to have fun). They had so much fun and one of the ladies was so excited about her toy.

Same lady also asked me today what she had to do today and I told her “be cute” (she’s adorable and so sweet). She told me she couldn’t be cute but she could be good.


I’m enjoying a very peaceful day despite having to wait for my mom to call about my aunt.


Had a good date night with my boyfriend. Played Pokémon and ate garlic bread.


CC was a great play!

SWMBO complimented my cooking last night. She was wanting pizza so I threw one together (just the yoghurt and SR flour type) for her.

“I always forgot that you’re a good cook!”


As compliments go, that’s right up there with the one I once (jokingly) received:

“You know, Stephen… people don’t realise how nice a chap you are”


SWMBO is a ping chef and sandwich maker (for herself) by default so she doesn’t often actually eat my food. I think that the last time was about 2-3 weeks ago when I made a roast chicken…

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A friend of mine at high school was completely devastated when they received a similar compliment from a girl they had a crush on (apparently delivered in full but ill-considered sincerity):

“You know, Ryan looks really good from a distance.”

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I called these “double-edged compliments” until i learned their proper name is a back-handed compliment

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Do you know if there is a term for the opposite - an insult which is somehow also complimentary? For example:

“Of all the idiots I’ve met you’re definitely the most handsome”

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No, I hadn’t. What’s the term?

I’ve no idea, it was a genuine question! :rofl:

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Anyway, before someone points out that we are derailing the topic… I got a new forum badge!


I am taking it as a good thing, although cynics might say it’s a passive-aggressive way of saying I’m addicted :rofl:


Got some GENUINELY good news… Mum sent me a text just now to say she’s had her first negative test!

She is still feeling the after-effects of Covid: fatigue and loss of smell, but she did add that not being able to smell things at the moment might well be a good thing…

My Dad has had the all clear of two negative tests, which meant he has been able to pop out to the pharmacy to get some things for mum.


amazing, you must be relieved.


Incredibly so. Both parents are in their 80s, and whilst Dad is in good health, mum has a number of issues that could have meant covid went really bad.