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Had a funny interaction with my wife you guys might find amusing.

Wife: “Hey I submitted a story to that website you read [NAR] but it hasnt shown up yet. I keep checking the site but its not there”

Me: “well how long ago did you submit it?”

Wife: “like 3 hours ago”

Me:" …yeah it takes slightly longer than that."


Heh. It took over two months for one of my stories to show up, and another I submitted at the same time hasn’t even appeared in Unfiltered yet. Your wife’s got a wait ahead of her.

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Things are going really well between my husband and in maybe that chat I had with him and his mother helped. I won’t go into details but yeah things are good.


My mom has memory issues. Both long term and short term memory are impaired from a series of strokes back in the late 90’s, so when something like the following happens it makes me happy.

I took a nap due to not sleeping well last night, and was woken up by my mom because dinner would soon be ready. She had apparently taken it upon herself to make tacos, and correctly “guessed” the ingredients I use in my homemade taco seasoning (one part cumin, one part paprika, three parts chili powder–I leave out cilantro/coriander because I’m not a fan of the taste).

Mind you, I’ve told her quite a few times what my recipe was, but it doesn’t stick. If she gets out seasonings for me to mix, she’ll usually leave out either the paprika, cumin or both, and get out things like garlic powder and dried minced onion (neither of which I use). So I was very happy that neither of these happened.

And I must say her seasoned taco meat was delicious.


Talked myself into going for a run tonight so I could let myself sleep in on my day off tomorrow without feeling guilty. Okay, maybe cause it was only going to be a possible 15°F difference between tonight’s 96°F and tomorrow’s predicted 82°F, but the humidity tonight was only 28% and I couldn’t guarantee that tomorrow morning would be that little.

Also finally picked up some groceries and apparently my little Kroger is pretty empty at 2100… Made the mistake of setting the new bag of cat food down while I ran to the bathroom. He’ll leave human food alone all night, but a new bag of cat food for 2 minutes is apparently fair game.

Oh, and I looked for a new body wash and made myself tear up by finding the one that smells like my grandma did, she passed away 10 years ago, so I got some for when I needed the memory.

Cat tax:


I had bought some Pepsi Zero Sugar. The first bottle or two tasted ok but the other bottles in the 6 pack tasted off. So I emailed PepsiCo and they said they’d send me out a coupon. Now today someone from the QA team called me and they’re sending me out a box to ship back the remaining bottle with some more coupons.


Wonderful story. Btw gorgeous cat!

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I was talking with my friend (we’re going to the shore together next month) and it turns out her parents were planning to go down too so we’re all going to share one of the apartments so it will be less money. Her parents are so nice so I’m looking forward to it.

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I had pizza almost all by myself. The only thing I needed help with was getting the toppings? onto the pizza, but most of the other stuff I did myself.


I went on a bike ride with my friend tonight. Still really hot (96°F), but it was nice. We did four miles and then when we were walking for ten minutes a huge gust of wind came and shook the trees and since it was after dark, it was kinda creepy. But cool. Maybe the wind’ll cool everything down tomorrow…

I vote Totoro or the Cat Bus drove through, but its still windy, but not quite as strong as that one gust.

Edit: gosh dang typos are rampant tonight.


Third best (personal) result on my British Grand Prix quiz today! 97.6, which put me 84th!

Follow that with Doncaster Rovers coming from 0-1 down in second half stoppage time to win 2-1, and you have a very happy me!


I made a smoothie on my own!


Had an excellent dnd session this evening.


I went to a pool party tonight. My church is a part of a group of churches and we kinda met halfway so there was people from 5 churches there. Slides, lazy river, and a kiddie area.

I mostly stuck with the almost 4 yr old who calls me auntie, she went from wanting me to carry her in the her-waist deep water and me having to catch her at the bottom of the kiddie slide to running in the water by herself and only needing to see me at the bottom of the slide before she went and was able to stand up without going under the water.

It was only two hours, 1800-2000, but I’m still wiped out, cause I also worked today. Its been an active week for me, which is good, I need it, but man am I tired.


Just had a text from mum…


Mum unfortunately still has it, and is still easily tired out. But hopefully this is the start of things really improving. Last weekend mum was given an oximeter as the doctor was concerned about her blood gasses.

However her gasses have been 96, which is an acceptable level, albeit the low end of acceptable. Dad’s has been consistently 98.

Mum and dad were running low on the LFTs, so yesterday i posted them a couple of my boxes. I have a LOT of them and have been giving them away to those who need them. Back when the Covid test centres were still running but it was apparent they would be closing, every time i went they let me take a couple of boxes.

With the boxes i included a get well soon card and a couple of puzzle books too. Hope they like them!


Knowing you, the card probably looked similar to this:


I’m glad they’re getting better!

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I finally figured out how to get the music on my phone to play in order. I now just have the time consuming task of sorting each file individually and moving them to my phone one at a time.

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I’m off to Bristol in September! After my trip kept being delayed thanks to circumstances it’s finally happening! I am dropping SWMBO and Sproglet off at Bristol Airport on a Monday and then I am free to explore (the pubs of) the city until Wednesday. Confirmed with work that I can do this so all I need to do is book a room!


The 3yr in me is very pleased by the trucks outside my house:


I just finished the 6th shift in a row. 59:22 hours of work.

But now I have 4 days off and time to work on some creative projects.