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I left for work today, thinking my wallet was in my car cause it wasn’t in my bag, and it wasn’t in my car, but I had no time to search, plus it was 630 and I wasn’t awake enough to even remember where I last had it. I hoped it was at work, nope, then at my parents house, since I stopped by there. Also a nope. So I drove home hoping it didn’t fall out of my car in the apt parking lot, cause I had more cash than normal in it. While I live in a relatively safe area, its an electric blue and orange wallet, it would stand out.

Got home, parked, didn’t see it, checked the normal oopsie spots, nope. Then saw my laptop bag and remembered I had it when I came in last night, tired from a 12 hour shift followed by 1.5 hour online group. Yep, I had stuck the wallet in the cup pocket and forgotten.

TL;DR I thought I lost my wallet with a decent amount of cash, found it in my other bag that tired brain didn’t even record me putting there.

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Happy midsummer fest everyone!!
As an expat, I’m not celebrating (I’m not doing that frog dance alone) but I might pick flowers.

It is said that if you pick seven different kinds of flowers from seven fields and put them under your pillow tonight, you will dream of your future husband

Are you celebrating today, @SkogKvinne ?

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I’m very excited because tomorrow’s my 50th birthday party. My actual birthday is Sunday. But Saturday is better for everyone.


Please do the frog dance for us!

I get to go swimming today maybe. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is “doing a sis” and having to enter the pool by the edge.

well we were but planned changed so we ended up not having to do that

I got to hang out with my favorite in laws today.

It was especially poignant because the last 2 times I saw the majority of them was at two different funerals about a week apart,


So, I was hit yesterday while out and about, my car will be fixed, I’m unhurt, but I’ve been vaguely stressing about money. I have a rainy day fund, I’ll be fine, but still.

Due to the story about the lady unable to order a grilled cheese, I decided I’d go get myself a fancy one. When I got to my car to leave, I saw my neighbors that I’d helped figure out a small car light issue with my das. They, of course, asked what happened and such.

That ended with me going upstairs cause he was soft spoken and an ac unit was loudly running. We had a conversation in very broken/mixed English and Spanish. About my ac issues, and the car repairs, and he kept trying to make sure I didn’t need money to pay for anything.

When I left, they called me sister and said they loved me and that if I ever needed anything, to go to them. I also left with a $100 bill in my hand. I’ve got good neighbors.


I got a bottled Starbucks drink from the grocery store (it happened to be on sale). I was in the area to get a lunch from a Canadian Sub place. I think I might be up all night due to that and the Pepsi I got for my lunch

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I’ll go to a “magical worlds” themed party this weekend. I’m not sure what I’ll dress up as, most likely some mysterious traveler in black.

But I might do that with a twist. Like - I’ll be someone who goes undercover dressed as a traveler in black. Not sure if I’ll do that.

Anyway, the first accessory for that arrived today and I really like it:


Well, happy belated birthday, then. :blush:

Thank you. We’re down the shore now. It’s raining but all good. My party Saturday was wonderful and yesterday we went to see my aunt who’s in a retirement home and took her some of my cake to enjoy.


I got out of the pool the “tricky” way within three minutes which is a pretty big feat for me compared to the first two times I tried to do it. (if anyone wants to know what I mean by “tricky” way PM

I’m impressed I was able to go to sleep last night despite be having to bottles of Caffeine products yesterday afternoon around lunch

I don’t know how true it is but a few people have recommended cutting out caffeine after 1600 to me. Apparently the effects will still be active in your system when people generally go to bed (on average, obviously) if you have it any later than that.

Well I was having Drink one around 13:30-13:45 and then other caffeinate drink I was having between 14-30/14:45-15:20pm. But I normally (outside of Thursdays when I have coffee at about 7:20-25am) I try to keep coffee to before 15:00pm

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Good idea. I drink a lot of coffee and caffeinated drinks in general but unless it’s a special occasion I cut myself off after 1600.

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I mean the only reason it took me so long was I had to walk 15 mins to the plaza, spend sometime like 10mins in the grocery store (wanted to get some stuff including drink 2-Drink 1 I would get at my lunch place) then try to pick up my prescription at drugstore and then get my lunch and then walk another 15mins back home from the plaza.

My only exception to the caffeine rule is on Friday nights when I have a snack it’s Cola week-which is this Friday,

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Soda and coffee I tend to try not to have after 1600/1700, depending on when I need to get up the next day. Black tea of any form I try not to have after 12. That caffeine is delayed 8 hours, and I’ve proven it by having it at 2100-2200 and 8 hours later I’m wide awake. Doesn’t work when I have it at noon unless I’m trying to fall asleep at 2000, then I just lay there awake.

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We’re down at the NJ shore. Today we were on the beach and we saw a big group of people standing in the tide pools. Here there were three sand sharks caught in the tide pool. One was around 3 feet long. The other two were about a foot and a half. It was so cool seeing them.