Someone take away my dashes, semicolons, and parentheses!

Hi all! Guess which extremely verbose and long-winded (long-fingered) commenter found their way to the forums! This is really just me saying hi and wanting to make friends, but if you’ve seen any of my comments I think the title is probably self-explanatory xD

If anybody wants to chat, here’s some serious and lighthearted topics that I like, though I’m open to anything - mental health, disability, and LGBT advocacy as well as intersectionality and human rights in general; video games, especially nintendo games and others playable on switch; leftist theory, though I’m still learning; My Little Pony, Undertale, and the Tolkien legendarium in terms of fandoms; Flight Rising; and Rainbow High.


Hello and welcome! But, Flight Rising you say? :eyes: I recently returned (kind of, it’s been about a year now) to that site with some friends from another site after a nearly 5-year hiatus. I can’t say I would mind getting to know more people on there if you’re at all comfortable with sharing (or DMing me?) your lair ID :]
If not, I have no issues with just chatting about it here!

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome! :slight_smile:


No prob! I’ll do it in just a lil bit when I have an actual comp instead of mobile :smiley:

Found it! Lair ID is 333347, and anyone else who plays can feel free to send a friend request!


There are several fun games going on at the moment; click on the Let’s Talk for a full list. We’ve been having fun with a few Categories games, the latest being History. That one is winding up, but a new one will be starting this Friday (shameless plug). Link here:

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