Some food for thought

Do you think a) someone’s personality is completely controlled by how they are raised and the environment they are raised in or b) there are personality traits in each person that aren’t effected by the people and world around them.

C) a mixture of both environment, culture, upbringing and personality


i agree with Sillsalllad. It’s a mixture of everything. sometimes your brain is just wired a certain way, but your environment can determine how you deal with that wiring issue.


Definitely C.

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D) all of the above, plus biology (my head is pounding, which is making me short tempered at the moment) plus neurobiology. Mental illnesses generally have a physical or even genetic component.

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I agree with C. Every trait in a person can and will be affected by it’s surroundings. It won’t do a 360 usually, but it will be affected.

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