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This is the thread for small talk and chit chatting. No special topic, it’s open for everything! Chat away!


I’m happy to have arrived safe and sound after spending ca 48h offshore sailing. The cat is enjoying the stillness and calmness too!


One of the nicest things about where we live is that we get to watch all kinds of sailboats in the San Diego bay as well as out on the open sea.


I’m having a rough day today. My brain’s not braining. Lol so I’m hanging out with one of our cats.


Cute cat. What’s her or his name?

Speaking/writing of cats, I went to see Cats yesterday, and it was a celebratory one – it was the 1500th showing here in Hungary! Apparently, here it has its second longest uninterrupted run, with Cats being played every single season since the opening show in 1983.

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Do you sail? :slight_smile:

It’s a boy! His name is Leo

Never had the opportunity, and I do have a tendency toward motion-sickness. I enjoy looking at the sailboats, though. I don’t know if they’ve started again, but pre-pandemic, San Diego offered lessons in how to sail the old tall ships. Those are really interesting to see!

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Cute. Sorry I had to cover all bases. Hehe

I’d love to sail a tall ship too! My boyfriend did regularly 10 years ago

Happy belated birthday @Stephen !!



You can sail one on Sydney Harbour! You can either relax with oysters and champagne, or you can help them hoist and whatnot.

I’d definitely be more interested in sailing than oisters and champagne :grin:

@CJR I really like the loco in your (current) profile picture!

Cheers! It’s the Flying Scotsman on its trip to Devon and Cornwall three years ago. When I get onto the computer later I’ll post the full size image. I’ll see what other pictures I have from that weekend.


Flying Scotsman at Laira Depot, Plymouth, 2018.

Number and LNER Doncaster works badge.

Flying Scotsman nameplate

Flying Scotsman and Black Five (unfortunately can’t make out the number of this one) double-heading excursion train into Par, Cornwall.


Thank you :smiley:. While I’m not as obsessed about trains as certain individual(s) I know, I like old locomotives very much; to me, they represent marvels of engineering. And they look totally badass :grin:.

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No problem! I’m glad that someone else here has an appreciation of locos and other marvels of engineering. Have a GWR 4200 class at Kingswear, on the Dartmouth Steam Railway.



Our home :heart_eyes: