Sliding into your DMs (what's the strangest DM you've gotten?)

Everyone has gotten some weird DMs. What are the ones that stand out to you?


I once received a message that I had single handedly destroyed someone’s belief that British people are intelligent and witty on the basis of a comment I had left on a Facebook group post. The thing was, the message was flagged as spam and I found it over a year later so the most annoying part was that I couldn’t remember what the post was or what I had said!


I used to be on Facebook a looong time ago. I would occasionally chat on FB messenger with an old school friend . She had clearly embraced the txt spk wy f sndng msgs.

Problem was that (a) i had not, and (b) her spelling was awful!

What was the point in trying to communicate faster if continually requesting translations made conversations last about 4 times as long?


I get the creepiest “pretty lady” messages on LinkedIn…

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I had a friend/Crush of mine from Jr. High reach out to me when I was like 27 and hadnt spoken to them in 15 years and just said “hey how’re you doing?” I replied and said hi back and asked how they were and never got another response.


I had a guy I’d met in class message me “Hey. Just happened to scroll through Facebook and came across one of your old posts about your Aspergers, and I feel compelled to say something about it. I really am extremely happy for you being able to openly speak out about that, because such things can be very difficult! I did watch the video attached and read a little bit about it. I guess I am typing out this message to make sure you know you have support should a situation arise where you could benefit from it. Aspergers might be harder for me to grasp, but if anxiety or depression is being annoying, you’re more than welcome to message as I’ve been through that and can relate to how tough it is. Of course, I’m more than happy to do my best to understand anything relating to Aspergers too :)”

Which was technically kinda nice I guess? But very out of the blue considering we had only talked once due to having to do group work together. And I don’t go on Facebook much, but I’m fairly certain old messages randomly show up in your feed just because you talked to a person.


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