Sink fell through wall

Going to write this up as a story once i’m less, uh, less uh…

My sink fell through the wall and out of the house.

I was roughhousing with my spouse a little bit while doing dishes. I’ve owned this house for about 3 years now.

um. We bumped against the counter, and the whole thing sorta just…. it didn’t fall to the ground but it’s gone though the wall. Which appears pretty rotted behind the sink.

um… yeah. this is going to take some repairs.



Is it too early for the inevitable “i bet you had this sinking feeling” pun?


Gaaaaah! :anguished:

I hope you live in the northern hemisphere and are at least heading into warmer weather instead of winter for the repair period. :frowning:


It’s raining heavily here right now. It was difficult to tell if we shut off water to the sink effectively with all the rain that is now leading in. Or even if we needed to, the pipes are pex and may not be damaged, just wet.

I’m in minnesota.


Oh my. That’s rather interesting and worrisome. Minnesote may still have weird weather (West Virginia has been 70s during the day and freezing temps at night).

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