Sims Disney-bound game

). I’m going to post a couple of pictures of one of my sims in in different outfits and you guys have to guess what Disney heroines they’re suppose to represent. I’m only going to give you guys 2 clues, the movie’s release year and a term maybe.

I’m going to make it easier for you guys-I’m going to use numbers and letters you have to match the outfits with the movie’s name.

PS. You’re only guessing the outfits’ movies that’s why the sims don’t change

  1. 1937 movie “fairest of them all”

2 .1950 'bibbi boddi boo" movie

  1. 1953 movie

  2. 1959 spindley movie

  1. (this is from before Island living so I had to improvise) 1981 “under the sea”

  2. Both of these are 1991 Beastly movie

  3. 1992 movie about a Diamond in the rough.

  4. 1995 “The only thing we own is earth if we don’t…paint with all the …”

  5. 1998 a Chinese warrior

A)Sleeping Beauty
B) Peter Pan
E)Snow White
F) Little Mermaid
G)Beauty and the Beast