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I’m going to put my SimLit problems onto this thread just so i don’t have to make new ones. I have a problem about a secondary? character for Gen 7 of my SimLit.

Ok I should say that there characters are like this for Gen 7:

Main characters:

Princess Jane Grace Oliva-heiress
her twin Princess Hannah Amy Margo (HAM)

Bullies of HAM but soon-to-be friends of Jane’s:
Madeline Feng
Charlene Beehda
Susanna Rosa
Victor Premore
Ralph Red
Kendal Wade

the last four are also very distant cousins of Jane and HAM (I can post my Sims family tree of the Swanson family )


Prince Maxwell -if you’re familiar with 13 Reasons Why he’s kind of like a “Clay” figure to HAM. (Well actually the Clay character is sort of split between Jane and Maxwell)

Henry Guion- Jane’s actual love interest after dumping Kendal (she didn’t get with Kendal by choice). He’s also like the Tony character from 13 Reasons Why

Bystander (?) Teacher

Now there’s another character I kind of forgot about after the childhood years (3 chapters). His name is Dan Swanson, technically he is Jane’s and HAM’s uncle. But he’s their age so he’s more like a brother then a uncle.

Due to the events (childhood & teenage hood) of Gen 6- both Selene and her twin Melissa, that their parents Juliet and Romeo decided to adopt a boy when Selene’s and Jay’s own twins were toddlers to try to raise a ‘healthy’ baby. (No lies, no deception, and no abuse).

But I’m not sure what to do with him to explain him being absent for the teen years or not realizing what-the-bacon is going on with HAM? But he does know about the bullying of HAM in elementary school. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I do have one suggestion from my Mom “have him send away to a boarding school abroad” like he wants to Learn Japanese or something.

I like the idea of incarceration personally.

Well personally I don’t want that because of plot events of Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 5, and Gen 6. I don’t want the bullies to have extra fuel to bully HAM because of relatives and even if they did wouldn’t have enough using the ancestors excuse like the bully of Gen 2 and Gen 3?

okay I should explain what I mean

Gen 2 in the 2nd half of the plot- Bully (Kelly) says Jacob is a criminal just because his Dad (Darcy) was. (he kidnapped and made a slave of Hannah I’s older sister Carly whom ended up being the nurse/Nanny for Jacob and his own twin sister Emma ) and Kelly’s parents had the mindset in the 1920s (Hannah was 16 years younger then her three triplet siblings). Hannah I protects Jacob from the bully. Due to other events in regards to this- it makes Kelly plot revenge against Hannah I and Jacob (the great-great-great grandparents of Jane and HAM).

Gen 3
Due to the Kelly’s revengage plot she’s slowly isolates with some help, Hannah I and Jacob’s one daughter (America) so she’s first kicked out of the Family Home and like Aunt Carly, made a servant for Kelly’s family. Then America is arrested on New Year’s Day for stealing some important diamond so she’s imprisoned for a bit. And everyone but one person doesn’t believe her. (The one person whom does believe her is her future husband, David, so the great-great grandparents of Jane and HAM)

Gen 5
In the early teen years of Gen 5 there’s an attempt kidnapping of Juliet. It’s kind of one of those “Self-fulfilling prophecies” like in Oedipus Rex, Harry Potter and I think the Illaid or at least mentioned in the Illaid ( to be fair I think there’s at least two prophecies mention in the Illaid- one is Odysseus’ one and the other has to do with Prince Paris of Troy) . Anyone the kidnapping attempt lead to Romeo and Juliet meeting (but since Romeo was at some costume event he’s dressed up with a mask on) and Juliet was dressed up for a singing gig with her Mom and sister. But it got torn

Gen 6- due to the events of Gen 5 and the new poltical leader - R&J have to give up Selene to cousins Raven Grant and Segio Red II (from two different sides of the family trees but they end up getting together)- and due to events Raven dies when Selene and Raven and Sergio’s own daughter Sara Wendy Grant, are 1 year old. And after Sergio II gets married again (to a woman Vienne Calentine with her own two daughters) Sergio also dies. So basically the Cinderella story from when Selene is about 6 years old to when she’s 16. When the Ball happens. As part of the plot for when the “Prince Charming” (Prince James… Aquatine), is trying to find “the girl whom fits the slipper” Vienne, Selene’s foster step Mother (I know not a thing) imprisons Selene unless she’s allowed to “be in charge of the boy” when he becomes king.

Can they just not bully HAM with regards to the issue or is the pigmeat a natural punching bag?

Studying abroad just seems rather cliche, although I am only suggesting alternative options. Obviously it’s your choice.

Military enrolment and deployment? That’s honourable.

Actually I just was thinking about military. Since in-story as of the age of 18 in my Sims’ world there’s been a war going on for something like 72 years. (starts in Gen 4 and continues to Gen 7). But Dan would be underage being only 14/15/16 when he goes into the army.

But I do know for at least WWI and WWII there’s were boys whom lied about their age to join the war. And maybe Dan in the army could be a source of help in the army, when for “plot reasons” Henry Guion (Jane’s boyfriend) has to join the army and then goes MIA?

But one question how willing would boys be to join the military for a war which would be going on for 72 years? so basically before they were born?

and it’s funny how you use the word pigmeat. The girl bullies (the boy bullies aren’t important until teen years)-tease HAM about being a pig or they ask (because they wrongly belief that her great-great grandparents on her great-grandfather’s side are Muslims) if that family allows her into their house. That’s in chapter 1 and in Chapter 2 the bullies asks her “if she’s likes frogs” because of her name.

It depends on the branch. My grandfather lied about his age and joined the Army band. If he’s musical then that’s one option. If he’s computer literate then maybe go into cyber security. Career advancement is a fair goal even in a long war.

Also there is an approximate ratio of 9 REMFs to every frontline soldier, at least according to those posting in r/militarystories.

In my opinion, the most satisfying way to write a character out is to have them achieve a goal of theirs that takes them away. Kind of close to what your mom said, but make them work for it.

For example, maybe he has a lifelong goal of becoming a scientist and so he’s trying to get into a special boarding school that focuses on science. So before that, he’s studying hard (maybe Hannah is helping him study?) and doing tests and filling out applications to make sure he gets there. And then he finally achieves it and gets to go. That means that when he leaves, he’s fulfilling a dream of his.

confused? Do you mean military branch?

But again that didn’t really answer one question- why would someone in this generation (Gen 7 even though Dan is more like 6.5) want to go into a war that been going on since before he was born (ie 72 years)?

Maybe he’s wants to try to free what are technically his great-grandparents’ home country which they Fled from when his grandfather was a boy?

I’m not sure I want to write the character out. It just I kind of just totally forgot about him in my 2nd and 3rd attempts of writing the Swanson SimLit past Gen 5 after the childhood years.

But I also want him to do something with him so he’s doesn’t know or hear about what the bacon is going on with HAM during the teenage years. And they already have one scientists in the family his grandma Elizabeth (the twins’ great-grandma)

Careers already taken up:
Clarissa (founder)- Business
Hannah I-Painter
Jacob- Spy
America-> culinary
Elizabeth ->Scientists
Wyatt ->Actor

(Education and Lawyers are out at the moment since I don’t have University EP yet which adds those)

Not that any of those careers matters because they can’t join the careers as teenagers. Well there’s an excuse for the miltary business.

Sorry forgot my manners but thank you for your ideas, I will think about it.

I was more meaning “area of military expertise” rather than Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines/Coastguard/etc. You want to be a scientist? Most branches have an R&D section that’s got decent job retention. Lawyers? Off to JAG you go. Chefs? An army marches on its stomach. Fancy teaching? Sounds like TRADOC is your calling. And so on…

There are many reasons to enlist, particularly mercenary reasons like job security and good pension. Patriotism is just one of many paths.

Also the Coastguard (which may or may not be a military branch depending on the country) is about saving people and ensuring their safety at sea. That’s a noble goal that’s always required.

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Thank you for that information. But like I said, I know kids can lie about their age but Dan would only be 14/15/16 when he goes into the war and most of that stuff sounds to be for like 18+ (chefs/scientists/lawyers/teachers) the same age as his nieces when let’s just say shit hits the fan in regards to HAM.

But maybe with the Lawyer idea that could be a way for him to try to help when Henry Guion (Jane’s boyfriend) goes MIA after a battle after Henry joins the war due to "plot reasons?) not that he will be successful.

But I guess he will have to be self-taught about law due to the fact, he would be too young to go to post-secondary school when he’s joins the military. (that’s might lead to another incentive of why the Swansons family are pushing post-secondary education on the girls),

Or maybe he’s self-taught himself in the time time period between the Chapter 2 (childhood) and teen years? I mean there is good reason for him to learn law due to the Swanson Family history.

Sorry I’m a bit hung up about his beening underage… it’s just that’s a problem for me and he’s kind of has to be underage because he’s supposed to be the same age as his nieces since they’re the same age when he was adopted (1 year old)


Still works, I just don’t have any further contributions to make.

this is a new problem for my SimLit, in the Gen 7’s toddler years HAM (the twin) was mute. I’m wondering if I should have the bullies tease her about being mute, or should I just leave the focus of the bullies’ bullying about her name (or at least associations about her name)? anyone?

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