SimLit builds

I’m going to share some of the buildings I have created for my SimLit.

First build (in my SimLit I have two fake Religons, one is called the Anneorine and the other is called the Enrichment religion both are based off of Disney characters-good girls Alice-Wendy and Disney Villians). This first building is the castle where the Enrichment priest or Priestess live (but it’s tends to be mostly female priestess unless the priestess to be is a a a squib)

Anneorine temple what it started out as:

Anneorine temple 2 (what above turned into) The last picture the path out front almost looked like an oven mitt doesn’t it?

Last Anneorine temple a castle

Homeless shelter+other stuff

Rich person’s house (bad view) first edition-
Basement one

Basement 2

Ground floor
with adult game room (pictured)

Entire house

2nd floor with another game room

with foundation

Changes in Gen 3 of the rich person’s two basements

2nd edition (the step-family’s makeover)

pawnshop ( I recently “updated” it to have back area)


First edition of Murdoch Mysteries’ Station House four… (I made a better one recently)

2nd version of Station House four

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“Act 3 of Gen 2-Gen 5 of the Swanson House”

“Special prison”

community pool

The Muses’ cafe (The updated version I had cat trees around the building don’t have pictures I think of it)

hide out


Junior high school

one room school house vs. what I turned it into years later:


what it turned into:

Beauty salon-three stops



outside look:

Gen 2.5 Swanson house (before it changes to the above Act 3 of Gen 2-Gen 5 house

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This is what the Swanson House looks like currently until Gen 7 the balcony is used for a recreation of a famous Romeo and Juliet scene in story in Gen 5

I left out a picture of a building on this thread because of the context in my story in Gen 4 . It might upset some people. Think Germany and WWII. Do you think I’m right on leaving it off this list?

from the beginning of the Step-over makeover of the Grant house

Okay I just got a surprised I got 6 comments on my SimLit just from April 21st (by the same person)

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The Step-mother remodling of the Grant Residence

Sara Wendy’s room

Leah’s bedroom

Selene’s room (aka the Attic)


I made a cute little rental cabin I’m rather proud of.




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