Sillsallad strolls, too! An everyday life walk on Lanzarote

Hi there,

I really do like Stephen’s strolls and seeing how the surroundings on another part of the world is like. I mentioned that I might post a walk from Madeira and Lanzarote.

I’ll start with an everyday life stroll for me, it’s not going to be live, like Stephen’s, because my reception sucks.


The walk starts in the marina. It’s high season at the moment at the marina is very full. There are ships coming and going daily, most of them are on their way to the Caribbean.

Corona has hit this island hard. Not so much in terms of the illness itself, but the lack of tourism. A lot of restaurants didn’t survive, it’s sad to see. On the other hand, there are new ones starting up, so it will be a change.

You can also see some market stands that haven’t been moved away yet. There’s a handicraft market here twice a week :slight_smile: At least that is still happening

I’m not going there though, I’ll take a right and head up these stairs


There’s a tiny square up here with a very quirky looking pizza place. None of the chairs and table match and it’s pretty colourful and pretty. Glad this place is still here

Can you see that vulcano and church tower in the background? :slight_smile:

Another, almost hidden, restaurant. It’s actually pretty busy at night, even though it’s not something you’d find easily


Here’s a better look at it.
This is actually a 5-star hotel. The entrance is through the church. It’s amazing in December, they set up a huge jesus-birth-in-the-stable thing, there’s gregorian choir music playing and the walls are decorated with impressive, HUGE, lava paintings. When you walk through to the reception it opens up - you’re inside the volcano. But they’ve built a rain forest inside. It’s really, really cool


I’ve mastered all the steps and I’m out of the marina complex. There are usually surfers here, waiting for that perfect wave close to the breakwall. Not this time though…

But this is still here! It’s a small fortress, built ages ago, as a defence structure against the pirates, that were terrorising the south coast

I don’t know if it’s readable. More info on the castillo

This is right behind the castillo. When the weather is right you have a nice, clear view of the neighbouring island Fuerteventura. It’s also a spot where a lot of couples and/or instagrammers like to take sunset selfies


The paths follows the ragged coast line, every now and then there are small side tracks leading you down to the water. The Canary Islands have a lot of drowning incidents, there’s a tidal difference and a strong current, so I personally don’t go swimming here

Low tide:

High tide:

A look back, you can see that ragged look. The path is following this in a snake like pattern

A nice view, for those who want to rest a bit


There are a lot of feral cats here. They are being taken care of from a group of volunteers, and you can find feeding stations like these all over :slight_smile:

A very lanzarotic picture, in my eyes. We came here after having been on Madeira for a year, and the difference couldn’t be bigger. Madeira is lush and green, with rain forests, fruits and exotic veggies. Lanzarote is arid, with an average on 11 rainy days a year. It looks very much like a moon landscape.

César Manrique was an artist from here, who noticed the awful change in the architecture on the other islands as tourism started to boom, so he went into local politics to stop this. Because of him, all houses here are now traditional white, and they are only allowed to build “as high as a palm tree”. That way Lanzarote was saved from huge hotel complexes


I’m still following my coastal path and reach this little “oasis”. Nice to get some shade



When are you coming to pick me up? :smiley:


There’s a little alcove here, a nice little pit stop if you’ve been walking for a long time. Also a geocache here :wink:

This is the view from this hidey hole. It overlooks Lanzarote’s famous Papagayo beaches, sandy beaches are pretty rare on the Canary Islands, so they are proud of these. A few boats anchoring there too.

Can you see those yellow buoys in the water? It marks an underwater museum! It’s called Museo atlantico, google it for some really cool pictures!! There are sculptures of people doing all sorts of things. I’d definitely go there if I could dive

One example from the underwater museum. But not from me, of course :wink:


Turning left away from the coast now. There’s this rock sculpture, but no sign or anything why it is there.

Also nothing from the other side

This neighbourhood makes me sing the intro song from Weeds. little boxes all the same…


Lot of Brits here, so of course there’s a supermarket with British goods. There were a lot of people joking that it’s better stocked than the supermarkets in the UK :rofl:

Almost there now! First this little park/square. The architecture is quite nice, I think the bridge looks pretty… but it lacks atmosphere, because there are no people around. On the other side is where my goal is.

The way back is pretty much the same, so that’s all from me for now. I hope you liked it :slight_smile:


I’ll sail up and fetch you, so pack your bags! :wink:

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I checked, and there are around 200 caches there. Probably on some nice places. . .

My manager just came back from Lanzarote last week, I asked her about the rock, she didn’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I guess it’s volcanic stone, I did find another one from the marina lanzarote


I’ve done the free caches near the marinas, but most are for the premium version. Can’t get those:(


I guess the rocks are just decorations :woman_shrugging:

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Ah yeah. Too bad. There actually is a way around that, if you know someone who is premium, you can get the link from them, and you can still log them on your free account.

Since the island is made out of volcanic stone, it’s part of the island, and they are proud of it?

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Probably, “my” rock just seemed so random though :sweat_smile: But it’s art, I suppose, and you can’t argue about taste.


The artist normally produces quiet and reserved artwork, but this time tried for something a little boulder


Oh wow that is beautiful. I would love to visit there!!!