Sick of baked beans every Friday night on the table-suggestions of how to deal?

and that will probably be until Dad dies. or my parents get sick of me.

It just I don’t like the fact that he’s implying with the baked beans my food is crap. Yet the baked beans are full of sodium and are from “a can” and he implied my food is “crap” because he implied when I wanted to make chilli once that his chilli would be better because “its not from a can”.

can stuff=crap but he’s eating baked beans which came in can form even if he DOES dump them into a container to eat them from? I’m like getting mixed messages? And I pretty sure baked beans are high in sodium which is something else he gets grumpy about if I eat “too much sodium” I mean the canned baked beans have 18% sodium or 420mg of sodium. So

Well Marble Armstrong cheese only has 9% of Sodium or 210mg of sodium which last time I checked is less then 420mg. Monterey Jack cheese has 230mg of sodium or 10%. Only the modeller cheese from the same brand has the same amount of sodium as baked beans.
And cheese slices- Marble cheese has only 140Mg of sodium or 6%. The Monterway Jack has less at 120Mg or 5%.

I’m getting a really mixed messages between “Can stuff is crap” and “Sodium is bad” and yet Dad eats baked beans for his digestion which is both from a can and has sodium?

So, what you’re saying, is that he’s eating them for semi/pseudo-medicinal reasons, not necessarily because he actually likes them; would you be complaining as much if he had lactaid, iron supplements, or pills on the table to take with a meal?

Is the issue that the food you cook lacks sufficient protein or fibre? (Both things fairly present in the meals you say he avoids having beans with! Try supplementing other meals with wholemeal bread or brown rice, or add pulses or lentils to a curry to thicken it) Or, is it a matter of portion sizes being too small? Or, just a cultural thing? (My ex, being from Brazil, had been raised such that the main meal of the day never really felt “complete” to her without a portion of feijão on the side)

Have you tried asking (calmly and politely) why he puts the beans out, and determining if there is any way to accommodate the requirement in a manner more tasteful to yourself? Communication is key to problem solving.

Until two weeks ago- he was only getting the baked beans out on my cooking nights and he was only doing it if whatever I was making didn’t have beans of any kind in it or if it was spaghetti which we had on the 24th of last month. But now he’s even getting it out whenever Mom makes quiche (twice-I have counted) and he didn’t do that before two weeks ago.

Dishes I can cook:
Taco Dishes (taco salad in the summer time, and cheesy taco pie dish in the winter or taco pizza ,I need help with making wraps through- if I’m making a taco wrap). with the one exception of the taco wrap with corn, he doesn’t normally get beans out for it because there’s already beans in the dish)

Pizza-beside the taco pizza, I can make other pizzas (either mini pizzas, or a big pizza) and he gets beans out for that

Chilli (again beans are in the meal). But then again this is the same dad who implied my stuff was “crap” once.

Spaghetti (don’t get baked beans out for this)

I can with help make soup or an actually Shepherd’s pie dish.

Chicken Caesar salad
Garden salad
as I already mention above: Taco Salad

@Celoptra cook something that baked beans do NOT taste good with. I would recommend something like sushi, which is surprisingly easy to make, or a nice curry.

Thom Kah is pretty good and simple to cook, for instance, and a good Korma makes brown sugar baked beans taste truly awful. Rogan Josh is good for adventurious individuals, it’s quite spicy.

Salmon is a good thing to cook, with a carrot-soy-wasabi glaze served on a bed of cucumber and shredded Daikon.

Perhaps try making a good meaty winter borscht, beets are a lovely way to interfere with the flavor of beans.

You could make springrolls with rice-paper, shrimp, and thai basil with a thai chili sauce. Or a green papaya salad, I love those.

Jabooti is a pretty good brown sugar curry from parts of Africa.

Cook something not traditionally american that makes baked beans taste awful when you try to eat baked beans with it. Use flavor interference to your advantage. That’s my advice.

I know you’re trying to help. But Mom is the one who makes Asian dishes and we have them normally on the weekend. Like last night we had fritters (a close cousin to the Jewish lattakes). So sushi and curry are out due to that being Mom’s forte (well curry-no one made sushi in this house before we just prefor to buy it at a Korean store). Springs rolls would be too hard to make and also we already have Asian food on the weekends normally. Also the fact we would have to make it with something else since we can’t have spring rolls alone since most times it comes with something else.

Salmon might be hard to find in the winter. And since Dad does most of the grocery shopping he always like to get stuff on sale since he’s such a cheaksteak.

Mom and I are not that find of beets the few times Dad had made them for us when he did the cooking in 2013-2020 period.

soup day are Mondays. I haven’t had soup Mondays until March 2020 due to the pandemic. And mom does that cooking as well

It just for the recent experience of getting baked beans out for quiche (which he never done before about two-three weeks ago)-he was only getting it out for my non-bean suppers. So to me its implied that he thinks my stuff is crap. I mean I still eat the beans anyway.

But I would like to be able to get occasion break from beans as a “side dish” on the table. Just like I like occasion breaks from having olives & pickles on the table almost every night. Especially when Mom is going to be bugging me for the next 6 months about making pizzas on my night to cook. Which unless I make a taco pizza, that’s guarantee night there will be baked beans are on the table. of course occasionally she will suggest Paghetti. And since Mom doesn’t like to pre-plan, I always have to ask her “What am I making this week?” on Wednesday since Dad does shopping on Thursday. I literally have to fight to make chilli or the Taco cheese pie dish. Which means beans are in it.

OK, so what about Hungarian Paprikash? Or Lutefisk? Trust me, if you put one of those in your mouth, and try to put beans in your mouth, the beans are gonna taste nasty.

There’s also my old favorite Ham, Apples, Cherries, and Walnuts all cooked together.

Take some control over the shopping, and take control of your menu. Offer more exotic foods. There’s plenty of recipes online.

the only excotic food we have around here is Asian food which is Mom’s forte. We do have perogies occasionally but with other stuff as well.