Should we use the word "reminder" for the BLM Roundup?

Hi, all!

As some of you might have already seen, we’ve published a Black Lives Matter roundup to close out Black History month.

The title of the roundup is: 15 Stories About Why We Need Reminders That Black Lives Matter

We have received a complaint from a reader that they don’t need reminders that black lives matter, because they’re not racist and that the use of the word reminder implies we think a substantial fraction of our audience is racist.

This was definitely not the intention. ​The phrase “reminder” isn’t meant to imply that our readership forgot that Black Lives Matter, but instead was intended as a reaffirmation that NAR is always against discrimination and bigotry in every shape and form, and a reminder that racism is still an issue that affects many of our story submitters.

Should we continue with this wording, or should we change it to something else?


Keep it. Anyone who is so sensitive to the point of taking offense at it is likely precisely the sort who would most benefit from it…but will insist otherwise, until the heat death of the universe. So it goes.


I have no problem with the title


Anyone who sent that complaint is absolutely racist and just don’t want to be reminded of their racism.


Keep it. As the others says the person who is “upset” with that term probably is a racist.

probably related to other those other racists we have read about including the last one we had Friday or Saturday. /s

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Some of the commenters are racist, though.


I think someone was speaking for your audience when they were supposed to be speaking for themselves. I would disregard the complaint, it’s just someone going too deep into the rabbit hole of semantics for a reason to be offended.


Yeah, whoever made that complaint is either, as pointed out, a racist themselves, or the kind of “SJW” who sees injustice everywhere, to the point that any statement, however innocuous, will be a kind of offense to them and they will fight the injustice, even if there is, realistically, no injustice to fight. The kind which is so outlandish you’d think such people only exist in caricatures (and straw arguments)… until you meet someone who really does act like that.

Anyway, if there were many complaints, I would say it’s OK to listen to their feedback, but I find that even considering changing the title based on one opinion is going too much.

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keep it; the people complaining are probably one of those ‘I am not racist, I have black friends!!!’

Oh! I was so impressed that there weren’t a whole bunch of racist comments, and surprised there was only one (at the time) - though that one was a little iffy.

Now I realise they were so racist they had all been removed! :cry:

Ah! Fricking white fragility. First they complain about trigger warnings, even for people that have been an actual victim of the kind of violence or abuse being talked about, then suddenly their white babies who have never been denied anything, must be protected from any reference from any knowledge of historical crimes, in case it makes them feel sad.

See also “I don’t see race” and “to quote MLK…”

The story with “that should be a prison sentence” (one of the stories linked to in the round-up) there was a racist and when the NAR acccidently reposted it underneath another name there was another racist just before June 19th/after George Fyold murder. (Of course it could have been the same guy on two accounts).

The trolls tried to claim a bunch of bullshit about the area of the the Ohio Library. But yet people like me and others pointed out that both the African Americans and the Hispiancs who lived in that area have sterotypes that are assoicated with being criminals. And the OP’s boss, the LD was a racist for saying what she said in the story

I have a question which involves another set of stories and wording … but I will make my own thread for them