Should we only post funny and light-hearted stories?


I’ve seen a few comments about this story, questioning why it was published on NAR in the first place as it wasn’t humorous or light-hearted in any way. The editors knew this, so added a content warning, but should we still have published it? Should NAR be a site purely for funny humorous stories, or is there room for more challenging material?

What do you think?

There are some excellent stories where we have all got angry on the OP’s behalf. No punchlines, just a well written tale. If you did the light-hearted stuff only, you’d lose those ones.

I think what it comes down to is getting a balance. Not too much of one sort over another. I like the variety of different types. Not all of them are to my taste, but others like them


I think a domestic abuse content warning should be sufficient warning that the story ahead is unlikely to be light hearted. I thought the story was well written and found myself glad that the victim acted decisively and immediately to prevent further abuse rather than accepting that it had been ‘a big misunderstanding’ and forgiving her partner.

The unacceptability of domestic violence is always a good message to share IMO.


Personally Im for stories like the one referenced being included. Though to be honest stories like that one or other more serious topics I am unlikely to view the comments on.


No, don’t limit the content to just funny stories. I like the serious stuff mixed in with the humor. There’s a warning there, so it’s easy for anyone who doesn’t want to read it to skip the story.


As long as there’s a descriptive content warning, then downer or angry stories are fine. There’s been a few way back when where I was one of the ones pulling for a content warning, as I don’t like to be blindsided by certain things, but I wouldn’t have said to take down the stories all together, because it is a story fitting the site.
And I have used a content warning at lest two or three times now where I read the warning, decided I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it, then scrolled down to the comments and got the gist that I did not want to go through reading it. Just because I didn’t have the mental energy for the serious topic that day. (and in the other direction, where I was warned, and checked, and was fine with proceeding)

And honestly, sometimes an angry story not only helps OP vent but also is a reference for those who might be stuck in similar situations and see from the OP and the comment section that it’s really not justified.

(Anyway if we only posted funny things, it’d just be another iFunny-type content site. I like commiserating XP and stories of unreasonable bosses and landlords without a happy ending helped me not only stand firm with a toxic boss on my way out, but grow more comfortable in venting how he wasn’t a good boss)


Agreed with the former speakers. The story is fine, and it’s kind of surprising to me that people only expect lighthearted stories since there are plenty that don’t qualify on here already.

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