School teacher whom doesn't think Islam is a real religion story

Due to today being the first day of Ramadan I just thought people might want to remember about this stupid teacher whom thought “Islam is a not a real religion”


Oh god, not another moron in the comments insisting Catholics aren’t Christians too :laughing:

Anyways, happy Ramadan to anyone here that observes it (:


There’s another story on the site about how some school boys tried to get out of doing math work by complaining about the math page was talking about food and it was “tough” for them

That’s a dumb defense; during Ramadan Muslims are supposed to be resisting temptation.

To be fair, most kids and teens are known to be pretty dumb at times. I remember making similar excuses during Lent growing up before I drifted away from Catholicism, it doesn’t surprise me that other kids from other religions would have their own terrible “tricks” xD

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