Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We just saw Santa tonight on our street. The fire company does it every year. Does your town do something similar?


In the town I grew up in, the local Lions Club would have Father Christmas in his sleigh go around all the streets stopping frequently so the families could go out and talk to him. A schedule was posted in the local newspapers so we knew when he was coming.

I remember stood outside in my pajamas and thick coat watching the sleigh on a trailer being pulled by a large car slowly making their way down the street. Then afterwards we’d go inside, have a warm drink and straight to bed! Ah, happy days :smiley:

In Coventry, I was really surprised one year when I got on the bus after work to see that it was driven by Santa. In the seat next to the door was an elf handing out sweets and other party favours like hats and such like. It turned out that I had got on the Christmas Bus.

National Express would take one bus out of regular service in each of its operating areas and assign it to do a few different routes, and it just so happened to be the route I was needing. Talk about excellent timing! It was decorated inside, and all fares collected that day went to charity. I had a pre-paid ticket, so I didn’t have to pay, but I made sure to empty my pockets of loose change. I forget which charity they were collecting for, but I do recall it was a very worthy one!


Other than knocking on the door on the 24th and handing out gifts, Santa’s a shy guy where I’m from :rofl: Don’t think I’ve seen him around other than then


There’s a very loud Santa who visits our little cul-de-sac most years. Maybe I’m just a Grinch, but I don’t appreciate blaring music and loudspeakers I can’t not hear at around 22:00 on a school night. At least he was a little quieter this year.


The township my family now lives in has the fire department bring Santa around. My niece had a grand time getting to sit on Santa’s lap (but she was not thrilled with the rain)

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