Sad stuff thread

I just made this sad thread for us to talk about upseting but not angry things. I will start off with my own problem

Mom and I have been planning (for only a week)- to go to “The mall” two towns over from to some Christmas Shopping next Tuesday (The 16th) when Dad’s been looked at, in the hospital. Today, she told me “we might not be able to go that day” because Dad told her the other night that the doctors might need to put something into a blood vessel which means he might have to stay overnight in the hospital. But she wouldn’t tell me another date-since Tuesday in my opinion is the “perfect day” to go: Wednesday are no good because in the afternoon, I have to do the recycling and it’s really hectic if I have to do it quickly after getting back from someplace that isn’t my volunteer job (which doesn’t exist at the moment). Fridays are out since my case manager might call that day. And I don’t want to do it during the weekend because those are the days there’s definitely going to be huge crowds in the mall.

I know Mom’s just trying to prepare me. But think of how disappointment I will be if-I been excited for it for two entire weeks to go on THAT Day - only to get dressed and maybe have my hair done by Mom, only to find out from my eonni (older sister) who is taking Dad to the appointment but not staying w/ him that “someone needs to stay near that phone that day”?

I mean I would literally have showered the night before and wake up before my alarm went off on my radio for like a quarter to 10-heck I might be awake at like 9:30am and I’m not suppose to be up until 9:45pm for instance. That’s what happens on “pudding days” (ie: going to mall/going to big city), I would get dressed, go eat brunch (despite being able to eat in the food court at the mall, Mom and I don’t think its safe to eat lunch in the food court yet like we would in the past) and Mom would have done my hair, and we might be getting our shoes & coats on when sis might arrive with the above news. We get all that ready and I’m stuck with the computer that day? I would be terribly disappointment if that happened.