Russia - Ukraine

I think this subject now passes the stage to discuss it in News and current affairs, it’s big enough for it’s own thread. So I’ve made a seperate topic.

I’m happy to see many nations opening borders for ukrainian refugees, but sad to see the need for it. I really hope (though I fear different) that this is one of those wars only lasting a few days, after which things can settle down a bit.

In regards to the gas: I believe America already prepared ships a couple of weeks ago to be sent to Europe, because they also see the need for independance from Russia in that. Don’t know the current status though.

It isn’t helping that The Netherlands, also a ‘big’ gas supplier, wants to stop with that, because pumping up gas causes earthquakes. We used to pump up about the usage of Germany until 2008, but lowered it to only 10% of that already.


Putin is insane. Seriously. This man cannot be mentally fine. He pretty much threatened with a nuclear war right now, didn’t he?

I’m afraid Ukraine won’t last long, Putin really seems to be ruthlessly taking it all. My fiancé thinks that Kiev will fall tonight, I think it’s possible if that’s what Putin wants.

According the German media, Putin has been stocking up on gold reserves and would last for 2 years with all possible sanctions. The only thing that might work, would be to stop exporting modern tech, like micro chips. As long as he’s buddies with China it feels unlikely.

I feel frightened and powerless. Can’t even imagine what Ukrainians are going through


I was thinking similar: Don’t ship ANYTHING there anymore, but since China is so big in export, and they are buddies, I fear that will have no effect at all.

I also can’t imagine what they are going through, and hope they have the strenght to carry on.

Paratroops near Kiev now…

What also worries me a bit: Ukraine has 4 nuclear power plants - and Chernobyl.
I’ll probably look where the wind is coming from in the next days.

Edit: Something else I just read: There are protests against the war in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

A bit off topic: Isn’t there a city in the Netherlands with these constant earthquakes caused by fracking, but they can’t stop because of some contract with Germany? I think I saw something like that…

There are a lot of pics and videos of protests on 9gag too

In American news, it took Trump 30 minutes to start blaming Biden for the invasion. Of course on Tuesday he called Putin a “genius”, sooooo.


Trump, Putin, Bolsanaro, (I suppose) Boris Johnson, Erdogan, even our “dear” PM Orbán… they are all part of a pattern of power-hungry demagogues and nationalists who have managed to or are seeking to form an autocratic system, warping the democracies that allowed them to get in power in the first place.

The web is full of claims that Chinese jets are zooming in on Taiwan. Buddies in war. (I hope not)

It’s not a city, it’s the entire region. That’s why production is lowering, and should be stopped completely in a few years
And yeah, there was supposed to be a production of max 3,9 billion square meters, but because of deals with Germany, they have to pump 7,6 billion instead.

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I think it’s good there are protests in Russia, I think that even that won’t hold Putin back though. . .

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No, but it’s still a sign that he doesn’t have complete support in his country. It sets a sign, but changes nothing, unless people actually rebel. Which is unlikely :confused:

What they might need now is a military coup. Not that having the potential for a junta taking over such a huge country is a good prospect, but, being the power-hungry dictator he is, Putin completely surrounded himself with his defenders, so only the military might have a chance of make him step down - one way or another.

They’ve started airing this spot again

The German text at the end means "This would be the news if we didn’t have independent journalists "

Hasn’t the Russian army taken Chernobyl? That’s what I’ve seen.

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Yes they have. For claiming to support the separatists in their claim of land, they sure are all over the place. . .


Saw a clip just of Putin, who said that if Nato intervenes or if Crimea is retaken, he will nuke the place. “Don’t forget that I have the most modern nuclear weapons in the world”

The source might not be that reliable though. But jeeeez…


This might seem an odd place to post a comedy show, but I assure you, there is a reason.

The comedian Olga Koch talks about growing up in Russia, and how her Father (a TV presenter) became heavily involved in the fledgling Russian Federation Government, and along with a few others came up with an idea on how to share the wealth which (whilst done with good intentions) allowed the meteoric rise of the Oligarchs and Putin. Oh, and why her family had to flee from Russia.

It is also extremely funny, and goodness only knows we could all do with a smile.


This whole situation terrifies me. I worry that we will go into World War 3 while the USA winds up in another civil war. My geriatrics are also worried (some of them are the last of the Greatest Generation).


Slava Ukraini!

Incredible how hard they are resisting!! F you Putler!

It’s been embarrassing to see how Germany is holding sanctions and help back. But now the government is waking up - Germany will deliver defensive military gear. Finally, finally it looks like the Ukraine is getting help. :raised_hands: