Rudeness and Entitlement From a Fellow Customer

*I submitted this to the site too.

I was at Target. I was in line to pay and there was a cart with a guy standing next to it. A woman was next to the cart also. There was a big space between the cart and another customer and another customer that was getting rung up. The guy who was next to the cart takes off. I ask the woman if it’s her cart and she said no and took off too. Then the woman behind the woman who was getting rung up pulled the cart forward as the other woman left. A good five minutes had passed between the man and woman who had been standing next to that cart had left. I am almost finished putting all my stuff on the conveyor belt since it was my turn after the customer in front of me and all of a sudden the guy shows up and gets in front of me! This is what transpires:
Me: You need to get in line.
Him: I was in line.
Me: You got out of line. You can’t cut in line.
Him: Well I don’t have as much as you do.
Me: Too bad. You need to wait in line.
Him: You’re really not going to let me in front of you?
Me: No. You need to get in line.
Him: You’re a ******.
Me: Didn’t they teach you how to wait in lines in school?
Him: I didn’t go to school.
Me: Yeah I can tell.
The cashier then tells him to get in the self checkout line. Then the customer who was ahead of me pays for HIS stuff along with hers! He leaves once again and gives me a nasty look while cussing at me again. Maybe if he had explained that he was with someone and that person had corroborated his story I might have let him through. Why didn’t that other customer speak up? It’s all a mystery, but whatever the reasons are don’t matter because I don’t kotow to rudeness and entitlement.