RIP Robbie Coltrane

Only 72. So sad. :frowning:


Oh my!

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What? Nooo! Not in the same week as Angela Lansbury!

I still remember how good he was in Cracker.

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Wha? Oh no, another icon gone.
R.I.P. Robbie. Journey well, journey free. You will be missed.


I am closing this thread because I’m too sad to think about it (not serious).
Millennials are calling in on their afternoons today.

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My mom watched that show. Apparently the original UK version (there was an American version that didn’t have Robbie in it), since she mentioned watching a lot of British TV in the 90’s.

She’d been wondering where she recognized Hagrid’s actor from for decades, until today. Great actor, apparently, but I haven’t seen him in much, unfortunately.

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