Restaurant chain switched soda fountains back to "old school" style?

Last Tuesday I went to a Canadian Restaurant. It’s name is synonymous with a certain, rabbit, or a certain 90s-03’s teenage witch’s boyfriend. The last time I was at this location (with my parents) in summer of 2016-the chain had switched over to the “touch-screen” kind of soda fountain. When I went on Tuesday-they had changed back to the old school soda fountain.

My only thought is that the coperate as a whole, must have had complaints from the visually impaired community about the touch-screen being inaccessible for them.

Probably more to do with exclusive servicing contracts. Old tech: Almost anyone can fix it. New tech: Sold at a possible loss, the money is in the servicing contract.

But I think it’s more likely that the visually impaired community had complaints about it. Since I know that around 2015 McDonald’s in the States, had a lawsuit over the new “Free-Style Coke machines”. Because it was inaccessible for the visually impaired people. There was no tactile feedback, nor was there any place, to like put a headphone in for audio.
feedback. So that a visually impaired person… like let’s say Molly Burke, would either need someone like her parents or an employee at the place to help her with one of these touch-screens soda fountains. vs. the old-school style soda fountain is more tactile for visually impaired community somehow?

You think that it’s more likely due to visually impaired people complaining. I think that it’s to save cold hard cash. However, neither of us will know unless someone from Harvey’s tells us.

as I said, with the touch screen ones… the visibility impaired community unless one goes to Subway, there’s no way for the visually impaired to use the touchscreen soda fountains due to no audiojack, nor is there any taticle information?

Subway’s is an exception because apparently, there’s a app for their touch screen soda fountain. But the coke freestyle machine don’t. And McDonald’s isn’t the only one in the States which had a lawsuit from the visually impaired, Jack-in-the-box in the states (we don’t have that restaurant up here)- also had a lawsuit about the freestyle soda fountain.

Note: Thre’s is an app for the coke style machine but as one website points out skills needed to use the app:

  • Basic knowledge of a smartphone
  • Ability to use a keyboard to type information
  • Search for and select an icon
  • Navigate an app menu
  • Drag items across a small portion of the screen
  • Ability to point device camera at another object
  • Use magnifier/zoom on phone (depending on preference)

so even with the app visually impaired people are screwed basically.

Simply put, retrofitting the machines with an audio jack isn’t a massive job.

After a two-year period, which will most likely be machine rental and servicing, I STILL put my vote in for money saving.

How about we agree to disagree? I can believe what I want to believe, and you can believe what you want to believe?

I was going to suggest the same thing, especially as we won’t get an answer unless Mr or Mrs Harvey tells us.

Technically it would be Repicie Unlimited Inc, which runs: Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, East Side Mario’s, Kelsey’s, Monata’s, New York Fries, as long as some other restaurants