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I see that the story If she can’t have her way, no one can ( has been removed from the site. (That story about a mom /falsely/ accusing OP and her organization of being sexist and getting other parents to pull their children from their activities, causing the organization to lose money.)
From what I have seen from the comments, it wasn’t as badly received as some other removed stories (like the case of cowboy Freddy Krueger and the gas snake, for instance).
However, I do remember there were some comments accusing it of being a revenge fantasy. Was it removed because of those comments? Or some other reason?

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As you have correctly surmised, the story was removed due to a large number of comments questioning the authenticity of the story.

The NAR editing team gets through a lot of extreme situations (and we mean a LOT), so this constant stream of craziness can sometimes numb our minds to them. We rely on our readers to give us a general impression of our stories. While we know not every story will be to all our readers’ tastes, when there are enough negative comments we take a second look and see if we made a mistake in approving a story for publishing.

In this instance, while the situation within the story is certainly possible, there were enough points made in the comments that dissected the story and helped us make the decision to pull the story.

This is why it’s always helpful for our readers to flag a story that they feel warrants a second look by us (very human) editors.

Thanks for asking!


But sometimes stories appeared to have gotten removed without the comments complaing about them? Like the “Crunch Time is Brunch time” story or another story

There can be many reasons why a story is removed, and they are not always indicated by the comments.


Yet another story has been removed as part of the anti-feminism troll plague.

You know, if the guy hadn’t overplayed his hand, we probably wouldn’t have noticed.

But the sheer number of very similar stories was a pretty big red flag.

Maybe we’re should think more about the politics of stories? I don’t really know what a good solution would be.

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