I might not be on much, if at all, for the next few days. Nothing bad, in fact quite the opposite! I’ll tell you all about it, if you’re interested, afterwards.

But in the meantime, if you feel the need to relax, might I suggest some of the following?

Watch films like Bridge over the River Quiet

Read Jane Austen’s Ommmmmmmma

Listen to KOOL and the Gang performing Meditate Good Times.

If anyone has any suggestions for other films, books, music, TV programmes etc. that can help you relax, please suggest them below. And that’s below, not bellow… let’s keep things calm :relieved:


Ring of Bright Water - Man adopts an otter and moves to Scotland.


Well… it wasn’t quite the amount of fun that I thought it was going to be.

I had been waiting on a USB stick that my dad was going to send me, which included a whole set of photos of Dad’s recent parachute jump. But after a week of so of it not turning up, I learned that we had a new postie, who hadn’t delivered anything to our address for a couple of weeks.

Now, it so happened that I had a week off work last week, but didn’t know what I was going to be doing. I had mentioned to my parents that I was thinking of hiring a car and going places, but had no idea where to go. Mum suggested that I visit them, which would also coincide with my birthday. Excellent idea! I hadn’t seen them since 2018; I don’t have a car anymore and my parents don’t like driving long distances. So I hired a car, and arrived on the Thursday afternoon. I spent a pleasant afternoon and evening with them.

Then in the early hours of Friday morning (my birthday), I’m woken up by the ambulance crew, who were assessing mum. A couple of times in the last few days ago she had a nosebleed, but was able to stop it. The doctor had prescribed some ointment stuff, but for whatever reason it started bleeding again, and wouldn’t stop. So dad called for an ambulance; they couldn’t stop it and mum’s blood pressure was too high, so she was taken in.

I did manage to give her a quick hug and “I love you”, but that was it. When mum called dad later in the morning from the hospital, she said that she was going to be transferred to another hospital about half an hour further away. She also told dad that she wanted him to take me out for a walk (which is what we had planned anyway, but with the three of us) and then for a meal in the evening. She didn’t want me hanging around the hospital; not that I was likely to be able to visit, what with the pandemic and all.

So we went for a long walk, had a lovely meal, and on the Saturday morning I headed on home. I did get to talk to mum briefly on the phone on Friday evening, when it became apparent that they were keeping her in that night.

Anyway, I am pleased to report that she was released on Saturday, and is now home.

Yes, it was a massive disappointment that I couldn’t spend my birthday with both of my parents, and an even massiver shame (is massiver even a word? It should be!) that mum was not well.

But on the plus side, I was at least able to see my parents, which is more than I had been able to do for the past three years! And mum is doing a lot better than before.


Oh no, glad to hear your mum is doing better!!

Haven’t seen my family in ages too, and my last visit was thwarted by covid :frowning: I understand your disappointment

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Stromae has a new song out, and after I turned on the subtitles I found out it is very NAR-related. Anyway, I post it here because it is a very relaxing song.

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