Reddit vs. submitted stories

Sorry if I sound cranky, but are there really no submitted, original stories instead of this smugfest from Reddit? If I’d want to read “look how amazing I am” stories I’d be over there. On NAR, I’d be much happier to read something that doesn’t sound embellished or make me want to punch the OP in the face instead of the supposed ‘offender’.


I would agree. I’m already on reddit and subscribed to r/maliciouscompliance and similar subreddits from where these posts are coming. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to read them again.

I subscribe to NAR because they get new stories here, which are well-edited and curated.

But in the end, it’s up to the editorial team here to decide where to source their stories from. If they feel they should source from reddit…

I’m not keen on the Reddit stories. The issue for me is that they’re often too different in style to the curated stories, so they end up being jarring. And … smugfest is a good phrase for it. Some of the Reddit stories are pretty self-aggrandizing. While the site is free to go whatever direction it wants — and I’ll admit that I’d probably still read the stories short of it becoming a hard right shill — the Reddit ones don’t work for me.


I don’t trust the Reddit pieces - and, are they appearing by consent of the writers?

Yes they are…

An editor could (@KillerTomato @The_Red_Pen) chime in to shed better light on this but just to give you guys some context…

It’s clear that we do have stories from reddit because they are clearly tagged “reddit” (yes with consent of OP), but that could also mean we’re starting to have people who are originally FROM reddit that are now also fans of NAR who do submit stories on the site.

Sometimes, it’s even possible they submit stories to us either before or at the same time they post the same story on reddit. (If I had a story, I could definitely see myself submitting to multiple sites I’m a fan of.)
In those situations, it would be impossible for us to know that and tag it as reddit unless it’s clearly obvious by the story. And even then, if they posted it to NAR first, is it now a “NAR story”? Or do we say it’s “Reddit” because it’s embellished/smugfest and make people want to punch the OP in the face :stuck_out_tongue:

We constantly have to be careful where we draw the line when it comes to how believable a story is, because that is someone’s story and the way they perceived their experience IS the story. To be fair, I’ve seen my fair share of embellished stories from NAR submitters as well and don’t get me wrong I understand the frustration with stories that may obviously be embellished, and overly so (it’s like listening to a friend that blows everything out of proportion lol).

With that said, my point is anybody with a story (an appropriate one) is welcome on the site. After all, that’s what we hope NAR can be, a place for people to tell their stories and relate to each other. And while I do understand the frustration with embellishing stories and how some stories can be “different”, we try our best to toe that line while keeping true to NAR but at the same time accepting that everybody has a different take on their experiences.


Not all of us here are on reddit :slight_smile: I think the reddit stories are good, as long as they aren’t pat on back stories, or overly embellished stories.

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Towing the line is hard.

200w (1)

Much easier to toe the line :wink:


First, I’d like to reiterate that we absolutely DO get permission from every single Reddit author whose story we share. They are sent a message or a comment explaining who we are and what we’d like to do with their story, and they have the opportunity to take a look at NAR before they decide. Only when we receive clear and explicit permission do we publish a Reddit story. If the author asks to remain anonymous, we comply with that request, as well, and do not include their username.

What’s really interesting to me is that while we do get grumblings about the Reddit stories, which are totally valid, those stories also tend to get more “likes” than our regular stories! It’s not clear whether that’s because the upvoting concept is a big part of Reddit, or because they’re genuinely liked more by our general audience. Either way, someone likes them!

Reddit definitely does have a different story-telling style than NAR tends to, and we’re doing our best to recognize what elements create those differences and tailor those stories to match our site’s feel. (Without completely removing the original author’s personality, of course!) It’s a fine line to walk, and we can always improve.

And we’re always interested in hearing feedback like this so we can keep making the site even better!


The ones that get a lot of criticism are the ones who basically aren’t doing their job, or who laugh at the victims or other issues. There have been a few from one casino worker. A couple have been fine, but the one where they laughed at someone having his ponytail cut off by a sore lower, or where they apparently witnessed continued suspicious activity, but did nothing and the crook made off with a LOT of money were particularly bad.

Or there was the story now known as Whiny Locksmith, that was taken down in less than a day. Original story here

Conversely, the story that appeared after that one was a Reddit story that was WAAAAAY better

There was a story the other day that was fantastic, and that was Reddit.

I have no problem with use of Reddit stories, but you do need to be careful. I would suggest avoiding ones where the OP is bragging, whining about doing their job or laughing at the victim. I’m not suggesting the OP needs to be a Saint, but their actions will come under more scrutiny on NAR than on Reddit, especially if it is clear the story originated on Reddit.

I would also suggest going for the story that’s a bit different from what we see here on NAR. There are a lot of Parent Rude To The Restaurant Staff stories, but I’ve not seen any with such magnificent calling out of the parent as I had in that Pardon My French story.

Also, go easy on your use of Reddit stories. Think of it like seasoning… A little will enhance the overall flavour of NAR, but too much will kill it.


@KillerTomato Some good thoughts here from our resident punmaster! :slight_smile:


I STILL have a story in moderation hell that’s nearly 2 years old now about someone who decided to be racist because they had a massive snot mustache. They aren’t out of stories but they might be uploading at a rate that will make them run out.

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You know how I made a comment earlier about stories where the OP complain about having to do their job don’t usually go down well with NAR readers?

This story has just been published. I’m not expecting a fond reception…


Been up for three hours and already has 71 comments? I’m a little scared to go in there!

I definitely see what you’re saying. In all fairness, we never claimed that all our story submitters were the “good guys” in their own stories as they may think they are! What I’m wondering is… do people still enjoy reading this kind of story? That is, is their frustration or displeasure aimed at the authors themselves for perhaps being jerks, or at us for publishing stories where the authors are the jerks?

As always, we do our best to keep the people happy, but there’s a lot at play.


I agree there’s a lot at play. Sadly now a days people are quick to opinionate. Meaning, only their opinion matters. I read that story and I for one loved the story. Why? Because some people need that direct line of talking too, and I inferred it as those were things said in their head NOT to the actual person. But working in a public sector myself I can tell you that it gets exhausting the level of stupidity you see on a daily basis. Common sense is just not common anymore I suppose. Everyone has their breaking point. Then you have the commenters, some are useful and some just get their panties (or briefs I’m not sexist lol) in a bunch and are offended at every. little. thing. It’s annoying really. Plus everyone should know that literally this is for entertainment purposes, not informational purposes imho.


I might as well leverage this already-existing thread for commenting on the quality of this story.

The legality/morality of intentional defamation of a client who pulled a fast one on OP aside, the whole tone of the story is some ways off from the “standard” Not Always… style. Somehow, OP feels rather arrogant, which is usually not received well here, and I think the colorful language (“puke out a functional back end”) could have been edited out.
If not for these, I think it would make a passable NaW story, even if OP is not a complete hero, which I agree isn’t a requirement for a Not Always… story.


Yeah I don’t mind a story where OP is wrong. I just feel kinda bad when OP tells a colorful Reddit tone story that is well received there and then gets dragged here by commenters for the same tone and details. Just like when you complain about your stupid coworkers to your friends you tell it one way, and a different way to your parents or a new acquaintance.


Finally, a Reddit sourced story that actually matches the tone and content here. And funny to boot!


Just to inform followers of Reddit stories that the editors here are also getting stories from another site: - I remembered reading a story here on my RSS feed a few days back and reconfirmed that it was the same story.

Just a simple question to the editors: are you getting so few stories here that you have to resort to getting them from other sites, even if by approval?


CFH and NAR are both owned by the same people. It’s on the FAQ on the main site.

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