Reasons why OP didn't call the police in the Cuckoo story

I found the reddit thread (which i will post in a second) for todays story about the comic and book store owner charging for babysitting services to a cuckoo’s woman’s children

Reddit thread:

Apperently the few reasons OP didn’t call CPS/police are quiet a few

Two police officers in OP’s town were spreading the lie that OP was a drug dealer because their store “catered to kids”. They even tried to get the health department to close OP down because of their cats being a “health issues”.

And despite OP not serving food they (the town?) tried to have OP install a enitrely new sprinkler system because one sprinkler head has paint on it. The Fire chief when he looked at the form realized what kind of bulls**t that the town was running and told OP to only clean off the sprinkler head and he will sign off on it.

The last incident is that apperently OP had a toilet back-up and they got another department of health letter/statement which not only had wrong information but also wrong dates as well so when they went to City Hall? to talk to someone the rep said:

" If I had a tenant like you, I’d throw you out!!." and after OP responded, the rep went into her office and slammed the door.

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Also, as the OP pointed out, there really wasn’t a lot of public awareness about child abductions in the early 90s. There was a panic in the early 80s (when Adam Walsh was abducted and found murdered), but that eventually died out. It wasn’t until the late 90s, after Amber Hagerman was abducted and found murdered - and around the same time, the details of the Adam Walsh case were publicly released and showed that a Sears employee had possibly forced Adam out of the store when his mother left him alone - that the status quo permanently changed.

So in the early 90s, the police probably wouldn’t have taken it seriously.


Well that and also the fact a couple of the local cops claimed he was drug dealer because his shop catered to kids". So basically they’re implying he was grooming kids to be new drug dealers/to take drugs because whatover reason could there be for a comic book and card store to cater to children? (the 2nd half of that setence is /s)

Even the town didn’t like him to the point an offical implied tat Op was a “trouble maker tenant” for whomever he was leasing the space from and the offical if she had a “tenant as bad as Op” they would have thrown them out.

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