Rant about the major plot point of 13 Reasons Why

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the premise of the “13 Reason Why story” book or the web series (Season 1 only). But I’m really pissed off even years later with how they “tried not to glamourize suicide” as opposed to the book. In the book, the dead character, according to the tapes in the book, went through a long process of deciding how to “die by suicide” (shooting/h-word, driving up a cliff, etc) and she wanted her parents to believe “it was an accident” and not to have the “guilt” that the Mom is shown happen in the series of “finding” her. In the series they kind of handled it badly by making it look like it was a “last minute decision” That’s my main complaint of the show is how they handed the actually Suicide.

There’s some minor complaints I have about the series feel free to ask me about my minor complaints!