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To me the pretzel looks like the beginnings of my knot-tying abilities.


Yesterday, I found a medium-sized spider (I’m guessing a wolf spider by the stripe) in the middle of the floor. At first, I thought it was dead since it didn’t move when I blew on it, but it moved when I came back to pick it up with a paper towel and escaped from me.

A few hours later, I spotted it there again in the exact same spot. At first, I thought I stepped on it, since some of its legs were at an odd angle. I poked at it with a broom and it backed away pretty slowly for a spider. Since it was close to the door, I chased it out the door, but it kept trying to walk back toward the spot, even through the broom. I got it outside and sprayed the area with peppermint.

This morning, I found it again in the exact same spot. Its legs were folded up underneath it. I poked it with the broom and it unfolded its legs so it could go back to that particular spot, then folded them again. I ended up putting it in the dustpan and yeeting it outside. Still extremely weird, though; I’ve never heard of a spider folding itself up underneath instead of on its back.


Wishing a happy Women’s Day to all the ladies here!

  1. around 30% of jobs in the US make $15 hr or less
  2. virtually any $15 or less job can be conceivably automated with current technology. It is not currently economically feasible to do so but it is blocked by financial constraints not technological ones
  3. over time people get more expensive (slowly) and automation gets cheaper (less slowly)
  4. 2+3 means that there will eventually be an inflection point where automation is the cheaper option
  5. no government/economic/social system currently in existance could stand up to sustained 30% unemployment
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How to make an annoying song worse:

99 bottles of beer on the wall,
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down,
Pass it around,
Put it back up again ,
There’ll be 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

99 bottles of beer on the wall…

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99 programming bugs in the code,
99 programming bugs.
Track one down,
patch it around,
127 bugs in the code


Just watched an all out bird war in the garden.

During the last few weeks, two magpies have been building a nest (it’s been fun to watch!). Today the nest was taken over by two squatters crows.

After a long (and loud) struggle, and even though the crows looked to be at least double the size of the magpies, the magpies prevailed!


It makes sense: the magpies know how much effort went into building the nest, so will expend at least as much into getting it back. Whereas the crows will expend only enough until it’s no longer worth the hassle and just find another to steal.


I’ve heard that chillis from the Americas are among the hottest in the world, but I want to see empiripirical evidence.


Pi Day is 3/14.

Pi Minute is 3:49 AM on 3/14.

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I think you meant 3 pm, 49 min, 26 seconds (15:49:26).

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3:49 AM is ~0.159 of the day.

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That’s better than my idea, since you’re dealing more in Base 10 instead of the wacky Base 60 and Base 12 system that we use for minutes and hours.

[Putting this here as the most recent pun thread got closed and if I revive the older ones, I’ll get accused of thread necromancy]

A burglar executes a remarkable heist and steals several objects from an art museum. However, he’s apprehended a few blocks away, having run out of fuel. When questioned how he could get caught on such a triviality after such a masterful burglary, he just said…
“I didn’t have the Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh.”



Just heard Tony Blackburn read out this from a listener on his radio show.

“I went to the shop to get a packet of paper, but i was told they only sell cardboard. I’m going to send them a stiff letter”


OctopusCarDoor’s “The things tourists say” story reminde me of this Three Stooges skit.

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My cat just caught and ate a mouse.

Positive: She caught it and ate it. Therefore we have a mouser.

Negative: I don’t remember hearing the cat flap…


I had a dream about a Star Trek convention and my subconscious got things so wrong that I have to rant about it.

First of all, I was working in a lounge. Like an airport lounge. It was sponsored by a fast food restaurant, so there was a chain there, but it was run by the con so there were models and buyables there. Which makes no sense given how the rest of the convention worked.

Second, it portrayed the convention as a dark theater where everyone watched all the Star Trek series back to back and people came through to hawk merch during the related series. They were on DS9 during the dream. Which my subconscious claimed took place in the Delta Quadrant. :unamused: I would like to state for the record that I’ve been to a Star Trek convention before. I even won a prize for a costume.

Third, for some reason, everyone in my family except the people actually interested in Star Trek were there. Also, xidnaf was there. Or a clone of him. He claimed he was a clone, but he might have been joking.

Also, Celoptra was my cousin. I do have a redheaded cousin, who I think the dream was trying to portray, but I don’t think either of them are interested in Star Trek. Or would steal merch from the convention. Or would yell at workers for doing their job. I spotted her doing this and I turned her in, so we had to go ask the family for the money to pay for the things she stole, but we were interrupted by someone begging for money because her scammy boyfriend claimed he was about to get eaten by cannibals if he didn’t pay them. I think I’ve been on NAR too long…