Quotes from camp

For the past five summers I’ve worked in a camp’s “petting zoo” room. There are many reasons I love my job, but one of them is the hilarious/adorable things I hear from the kids, especially the youngest.

Some of this year’s greatest hits, all from five-year-olds:

Boy: Where does [the iguana] go at night?
Me: All the animals stay here.
Boy: But what if they eat each other?
Me: They’re fine, they all stay in the own cages.
Boy: But how do you keep them safe?
Me: What do you think is here at night that could hurt them?
Boy: (beat) Ghosts! What if the ghosts get her?
Me: …uh… [Iguana] isn’t afraid of ghosts.
Boy: Is that because she’s a grownup?
Me: …yes, that’s it.
Boy: Okay. (points at turtle) Is she afraid of ghosts…?

Most of our animals are second-hand, from Craigslist or Facebook ads, and a lot of them are… less than ‘gently-used’, we’ll say. The lizards in particular often came missing bits.
Girl: Why is the iguana missing her tail?
Me: It fell off when she was in her old home.
Girl: But how did it fall off?
Me: We don’t know, there was some sort of accident.
Girl (confused whisper): She… she maked* in her pants?
Me: Not that kind of accident.

*My boss tells me that children saying they “need to make” is a Jewishism that came from Yiddish, and not something gentiles say. So for anyone who was confused, she was asking if the iguana had the potty sort of accident.

And my favorite:
I take out one of the leopard geckos
Kid: I know what that one’s called! It’s a leprechaun!


Some of these are gold! I have a mental image of an Iguana being nonchalant about a ghost now… :rofl:

24k gold. The kids are just the gift that keeps on giving, every year. (I used to post their gems elsewhere, but that message board is basically moribund and I don’t really go there anymore).

Come to think of it, I have a crazy camp story that I’ve never posted, but it’s probably more NAW than NAR. Should I share it here or make a different thread?