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Do the disqus comment automods have a character limit beyond which a post is automatically marked as spam? Because I’ve noticed that it’s only my longest (and most thoughtful) comments that get randomly marked as spam. Of course, disqus flags hyperlinks too, so it’s not as if I can easily just post a response here then or elsewhere then link it if that is the case :confused:

Honestly for a hot second I thought maybe one of my serial downvoters that I had blocked was marking my comments having to do with education on marginalized identities while logged out (yay mild paranoia) but it wasn’t all of them. The common thread seems to be length.

And if you can excuse a minor vent, this seems like a terrible potential system. At that point just have a character limit. Especially on a site organized chronologically, and with spam flag appeals so rarely if ever addressed, an auto-flag is a kiss of death for anyone actually seeing a comment even if you repost it in a way that manages not to get flagged. And with comments that are meant to be educational on very important topics, that’s effed up. Heck, given how many less people are willing to click a link that navigates them away from a webpage, the auto-flag guidelines should be explicitly clear to everyone, ESPECIALLY if they’re as bad as a character limit.

Maybe I’d feel differently if they actually stopped the rampant actual lipstick/“I made x money working from home!!”/etc bots I’d feel differently. And again, I don’t know for sure, hence asking, but if that is the case, that’s completely broken!

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I posted a really long comment this morning, and that went through okay. It could be that you used a triggering word?

I have posted things before and they’ve been fine. But straight after posting i noticed a typo, edited it and reposted… but the edit gets moderated. I think in that instance it wasn’t the text, but that i had posted and reposted in quick succession.

What you could do is if you can see your post on your Disqus home page, take a screenshot of that and post that instead.

@PotatoPercy @SkogKvinne @The_Red_Pen @NotAlwaysRight any ideas?

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