Quebec family with three kids with RP

Due to today’s so-called “Service dog” story… I should mention a news story on here. A family in the province of Quebec the first child, and the 2nd and third youngest children (of four children) all have the rare eye disease called Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) for short. Which means they will become blind at some point in their life. They can become fully blind in their 30s or 40s is what normally happens but they could also become fully blind at the age of 13. The Quebec family been travelling the world for over two weeks now to give some stuff for the three children whom have the RP to have “visual memories” for when they do become blind.

Molly Burke a Canadian youtuber I follow… she too has the disease and has three service dogs (is on dog number 3 now)/

I feel like if you know you have RP, and your first child has RP, you should probably consider not having more kids.


Not all four kids have it only three do. First one and the two youngest. The 2nd born doesn’t have it. And that’s a bit rude I think what if they want more kids? RP is a rare condtion.

Yes, and I said that after having the first one with it they should have stopped. They could have switched to adoption or egg donors, or if it’s one of those things that need a bad gene from both parents, sperm donors.

RP being a rare condition doesn’t matter. It’s clearly hereditary and they had a child with it meaning they are capable of passing it on. They then went on to have three more kids, with the majority having RP.


not really… you can’t tell that a kid is born with it it doesn’t get diagnosed until at least 4 years old. The only symptoms of RP normally is night blindness and lack of depth perception not something you would be able to tell in a baby. What if they want a gentic kids from both the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm? Adoption doesn’t do it and neither does egg donor actually egg donors.

And I still think you’re being rude… you’re basically are telling the Quebec family they shouldn’t have had ANY children after the first one just because three of their children have RP.

I believe what @Keniko_Dukas is saying is that the parents are being selfish if they keep having children knowing that they could pass this awful disease to their children and giving them what could be a difficult life.

Nothing what was said in their replies is rude. It’s not like @Keniko_Dukas said, “Freck those parents they don’t deserve children.” They’re just saying that there are other ways to have more children than to give birth to them. I myself was adopted.


I understand that there’s other ways to have children. Someone I knew from my church she was adopted (we know her adoptive mother…but we didn’t know until very recently she was adopted) . I don’t know what religion the family belongs too but since Quebec is mostly a Catholic province. The Catholic Christianity strictly forbids the use of IVF, surrogacy, artificial insemination, and sperm or egg donation. There might be exceptions if the couple is infertile.

Adoption is a bit of middle ground. Some sites say that adoption is only an option if the couple is infertile and this couple is the opposite of infertile.

So the only way this couple could maybe get kids was have to have “bed fun time” since the other ways are not allowed in the Catholic church (yes some people have gone behind the church’s back but only due to infertile)

The problem is you are assuming that they were capable of stopping. As Celoptra said, they may be Catholic, at which point they don’t really have any choices, either to have more kids, or to choose not to, since both birth control and abortion are still very much banned by the Catholic church. I think judging people for having more children is almost always problematic, because it ignores the very real possibility that they didn’t choose to have those children.


thank you for that! I forgot to mention about abortion and Birth Control in the Catholic church.


Good point. Also like it happened with my friends parents you can have one child who has problems and then have three healthy children only to have another child with problems.

Her oldest brother has Downs Syndrome.

My friend, her sister and her brother all were born healthy.

Her youngest sister was born with spina bifida.

They were a Catholic family.


Yeah the 2nd-born in the Quebec family doesn’t have RP but the other three kids do.

Then they’re forcing a child to have a disability knowing they could prevent it due to their own selfish wants.

not really like @AthenaCat said they are not allowed to use Birth Control or abortion so these kids might not be planned. And as I said, Adoption is only allowed in infertile couples. Sperm and Egg donors (As are other forms of IVFS) are not allowed under the Catholic Church except in extreme circumstances and even then it’s frowned upon.

And its also kind of looked down for them to stop F- since couple isn’t “Good” unless they have children to in doctorate

You do choose to be part of a religion. That is a choice that you make. If your religion says no birth control and you know that you would be inflicting an awful disability onto any children you have then your choices are finding a different religion (Christians have many sects!) or not having penetrative sex so you don’t have kids. If you don’t do one of those things then you are choosing to have those children.


Again they didn’t know until later in the kids lives that the kids were disabled. How would you like saying to you that your parents shouldn’t have had children because you had X or Y disability? Or how would you like if it your child had a disability and someone told you to your face that you shouldn’t have had children because you “gave” them a disability?

Not everyone chooses a religion some of them grew up with it and just continue with it.

You said they get diagnosed around 4. Unless they had 4 kids in 4 years, there was time to stop. They also must have known the disability was genetic before having kids.

I personally would not have biological children if I was likely to pass on severe disability. I struggle already with the choice to have children knowing I may pass on depression, anxiety, or autism at levels that are higher than what I deal with now. Not that I think people who have those things are bad, but that I have suffered because of them and don’t want to inflict suffering on my child.

You choose your religion. If you’re raised in a religion that doesn’t match your values, you leave. My mom was raised Catholic. When her father came out as gay, her parents left the Catholic Church because they were against both homosexuality and divorce. So if that is the case, then either they choose not to leave or they share those beliefs, and I can and will judge someone based on the beliefs they hold.


That’s a not great take on religion to be honest. My Catholic friend truly believes that if she uses birth control she will go to hell. She’s terrified of getting married and being forced to have seven children because she can’t do anything but “natural family planning”. It’s not as simple as switching to another religion, and as I have learned since I met her, Catholicism is quite different in beliefs from other sects.


Also, birth control methods fail even when being used properly, and sex education can vary widely from place to place. Access to birth control can also be an issue.


I’ve met more Catholics who use birth control than who don’t use birth control. As they should, the ban on birth control is stupid and a-Biblical and inherently misogynistic.


You’re talking like being blind is something terrible that causes suffering. Even though plenty of people can live happy, fulfilling lives while blind.

Also, saying that people shouldn’t have babies because they have bad genes is uncomfortably close to eugenics.