Problemish coworker leaving, yay!

One of my co-workers has been a little bit of an issue recently, though not too bad on the grand scheme of things. She’s friendly enough, but can’t keep up with the pace of the kitchen and then pretends she didn’t make mistakes and sulks when pulled on anything. She’s also kinda selfish.

I did submit a story about her, but I doubt that’ll come through anything this year so quick summary is: customer wanted a substitution and she asked me give separate times to place the wrong order on the plate despite reading the substitutions the third time she asked, then got into an argument and left early leaving me alone with an under18 and an even newer employee.

Last Thursday, she had a meeting with the main kitchen lead and at least one manager.

On Monday, she complained to me about this meeting and how bad it made her feel that she was told she was shit at her job. She also mentioned that because of this meeting, she didn’t spend time with her kids over the weekend because she still felt too bad about it all. (I was trying not to be too judgemental because I kinda know that feeling, but at the same time I was internally being very judgemental). By the way, while she was telling me about this, I was trying to cook all the food that had come through and she wasn’t helping all that much.

Today, she told me next Wednesday is her last shift! I ask “it is?” and she confirms that she quit. I feel a little bad about her leaving, since I think it is stress and other mental health related, but only a little because on the other hand I’m fed up of feeling like the responsible adult when she’s been working here over two years and was a manager at another location before that.

So hooray! Kinda.


Well, here’s to hoping she can find some (other kind of) employment where she can actually be a valued team member and thus they don’t have to tell her she is shit at her job.
As you present it, this situation was bad for everyone involved.


She said she was taking a break from work for a few months (lucky that she can really) and then looking again. Honestly if that helps her feel better, then good for her.


The story I submitted about this coworker cane through yesterday. It’s this one:


It’s a good story; thanks for sharing!

You got any more in the works?

You mean about work? So far that’s the only one I’ve submitted. Though I can think of a couple others I could submit.

Like the customer who ordered their steak rare and then demanded a well-done replacement because some medical condition means they’re not allowed to eat a rare steak. Only to change their mind and order a tikka after we but the steak on the grill. (I ate the second steak, so it wasn’t wasted. It was tasty.)

Or this one time when one of my coworkers was walking across the bridge, and they saw one of the floor staff throw away food we had sent down. Then they radioed up and asked for the [whatever it was] because we “hadn’t sent it.”

There was also during my break on Monday while one of the bar staff was doing his training. There’s a quiz at the end to check you’ve actually learnt stuff, and he showed me the laptop and asked if I knew the answer. And then I said “yes” and walked off because my break was over. And laughed at him as he asked me to tell him what the answer was.

I guess I could also officially submit the Opening Panic thing as an actual story too?

I dunno if any of those are worth submitted as actual stories or if they’re just random tidbits. But then again some very lackluster stories get published anyways, so why not submit them for the sake of it? (Because I was feeling self-conscious when I realised how many stories I’ve submitted about my family, that’s why) But this is a different setting so maybe it’s different. I dunno.

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Go for it! Not sure what you mean by the bridge though; you may need to explain it.

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The layout of the pub where I work is that the ground floor is one big restraunty-room, and the first floor has all the staff areas and is maybe half the size. The other half has the roof (which is also technically staff only). Connecting the insider of the first floor and the roof is a bridge that overlooks the bar and surrounding tables that are on the ground floor.

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What you might want to consider, if you’re not sure if a story is going to go down well on the main page, is perhaps post it here first.


@RebeccaBlue I second Stepehen’s idea of if you aren’t sure about posting a story for the main page to do a test run on the forum